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Quickdraw: Honeyblood, Aan, Tony Molina, Dirty Projectors, Mono

September 26, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Honeyblood – Sea Hearts:  I’m all about this new one from Honeyblood.  As its press release says, it’s “dangerously addictive”.  More please.  Babes Never Die is due out October 28 via FatCat.

:Aan – Hollywood Buyout:  Aan have apparently been around for about a decade, but this is my first time hearing them.  I like frontman Bud Wilson’s voice.  Anyone got an old song or two that they’d like to recommend?  Dada Distractions is due out November 18 via Party Damage Records.

:Tony Molina – Hung Up On The Dream:  Here’s the latest single from the great Tony Molina.  It’s got a pretty sound, but the lyrics are a real bummer.  The Confront The Truth EP is due out October 28 via Slumberland.

:Dirty Projectors – Keep Your Name:  Oof.  This sure is one sad (and weird-sounding) break up track.  Regardless, it’s the Dirty Projectors first new tune since 2012, and I think it’s great to have them back.  No word yet on a new album.

:Mono – Requiem For Hell (Single Edit):  Mono’s new album will be here in a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited for it.  They just speak to me.  Side note, put on headphones for this post rock beauty.  Requiem For Hell is due out October 14 via Temporary Residence LTD.

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Tony Molina

September 19, 2016


Tony Molina jumped onto my radar back in 2014 with his very swift (it’s just under 12 minutes long), very Weezer-esque LP Dissed And Dismissed, and I’ve been championing him ever since.  No one writes a better 45 second song than him!  Granted, I don’t really know of anyone else that purposely keeps things that short, but that’s not the point because even if there was someone else – Tony would still be the best at it.  At any rate, below you’ll find the latest quick shot from him.  It’s rad.  Enjoy.

:Tony Molina – See Me Fall:

The Confront The Truth EP is due out October 28 via Slumberland.

Bonus Video:

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Top 25 Albums Of 2014: Part 2

December 10, 2014


Here are the final 10 selections for my Top 25 Albums of 2014 list!  Be sure to check out PART ONE if you haven’t already.  Enjoy.

10) The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

The War On Drugs’ Lost In The Dream is as dad-rock as it gets, but it’s also the most compelling album of 2014.  Grab some whiskey and give it all your attention.

:The War On Drugs – Red Eyes:

09) Tycho – Awake

Tycho’s Awake is a must-have for fans of instrumental music.  I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent with its post-rock-leaning sound swirling around in my headphones.

:Tycho – Awake:

08) Spoon – They Want My Soul

They Want My Soul is the latest high quality release from Spoon.  I advise that you take a moment to fully appreciate the fact that they’ve been consistently good for roughly TWENTY years.  Wow.

:Spoon – Inside Out:

07) Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else

I’ve listened to a lot of people ramble on about how “their last album was better” but Here And Nowhere Else is the first time I’ve truly loved something from Cloud Nothings.  There’s not one bad song on the thoroughly 90s-enthused effort.

:Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part Of Me:

06) Solids – Blame Confusion

From start to finish, Solids’ Blame Confusion is just one lo-fi indie rock gem after another.  It seems unlikely that I’ll ever tire of the album.

:Solids – Traces:

05) Lace Curtains – A Signed Piece Of Paper

With A Signed Piece Of Paper, Michael Coomer (aka Lace Curtains) has further cemented himself as one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  We just get each other.  Or something.  Anyways, have you heard his debut, The Garden Of Joy And The Well Of Loneliness?  It was my #1 album back in 2012.

:Lace Curtains – The Fly:

04) St. Vincent – Self Titled

I’m just about out of ways to praise Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent).  This is the fourth time she’s landed in the Top 5 of my year-end album list.  Is she even capable of putting out something that’s not utterly fantastic?

:St. Vincent – Digital Witness:

03) Tony Molina – Dissed And Dismissed

12 songs, 11 minutes.  Tony Molina’s Dissed And Dismissed may not seem like it has a lot to offer, but it’s actually home to some of the best pop hooks I’ve come across in a long time.  Talk about infectious.

:Tony Molina – Nowhere To Go:

02) Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal

There was a sizable stretch this year where I found myself listening to Parquet Courts’ Sunbathing Animal at least twice a day.  I really think the album features some of the best songs that the band has ever written.

:Parquet Courts – Instant Disassembly:

01) Run The Jewels – RTJ2

OH MY.  Here in the #1 slot of my Top 25 Albums of 2014 is none other than Run The Jewels’ RTJ2!  The explosive duo of Killer Mike and EL-P really hit a home run with their sophomore effort, and we should all celebrate accordingly.

:Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling Don’t Cry:

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Stream This

March 21, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Tony Molina – Diss And Dismissed

Owls – Two
The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams
Future Islands – Singles
Liars – Mess
Tokyo Police Club – Forcefield
The Range – Panasonic
Withered Hand – New Gods
Ages And Ages – Divisionary
Lavendar Country – Self Titled
Howler – World Of Joy
Mr. Little Jeans – Pocketknife
Gang Wizard – Important Picnic
Horseback – Piedmont Apocrypha
Hiro Kone – The Unmoved Mover EP


Ex Hex

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Quickdraw: The Men, Tony Molina, Ex Hex, Owls, Phantogram

February 10, 2014


Music!  Enjoy.

:The Men – Different Days: Last week The Men released two tracks. This one is a snarl-filled effort, and I really dig it.  The other song, to be honest, kind of sounds like a White Denim track and it largely just weirds me out.  Sacred Bones will release Tomorrow’s Hits on March 4.

:Tony Molina – Nowhere To Go:  Here’s another super short pop gem from Tony Molina.  It’s pretty incredible how catchy and awesome the guy can be in just 48 seconds.  Dissed and Dismissed will be available on March 25 through Slumberland.

:Ex Hex – Hot And Cold:  Wild Flag may be dead, but that’s not stopping Mary Timony.  She’s gone and started Ex Hex with Betsy Wright (Fire Tapes) and Laura Harris (The Aquarium), and this rocking track is their first single.  Grab the Hot And Cold 7″ when Merge releases it on March 18.

:Owls – Ancient Stars Seed:  ”The line ‘We’ve never had nice stuff’ feels good to sing because we really are still a grubby foursome with broken equipment and no money and I see these shitty young bands every day with pedal boards and no ideas.”  Any song that comes with a quote like that from Tim Kinsella gets my seal of approval.  The apparently very inspired Two will be out on March 25 via Polyvinyl.

:Phantogram – Bill Murray:  This is a rather pretty, slow burning track from Phantogram.  I think it’s a good change of pace for them, but I will admit it’s a little odd to not hear their usual aggressive swirl of sounds.  The band will release Voices on February 18 via Republic.

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Top 50 Songs Of 2013: Part 2

December 3, 2013


Because it would just be totally weird to skip part two of my Top 50 Songs Of 2013, here it is.  Enjoy.

40)  :Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege:  I can’t at all figure out what overall direction the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are heading in, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.  I gave this weird track a lot of plays in 2013.  From Mosquito.

39)  :Desaparecidos – The Left Is Right:  To be honest, I equally dig each of the four songs that Desaparecidos released this year.  I listed this one simply because it reminds me the most of the band’s 2002 effort, Read Music/Speak Spanish.  From The Left Is Right/Anonymous 7″.

38)  :Terry Malts – I Was Not There:  Terry Malts and this fuzzy pop punk gem of theirs muddled up a good portion of my summer.  Fortunately, I didn’t mind.  At all.  From Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere.

37)  :Eat Skull – Space Academy:  Way back in January I called this Eat Skull effort the first great rock track of 2013, and in the time since then I’ve only grown even more fond of its swirling guitars.  You need this if you like noise.  From III.

36)  :The Callas – Anger:  The great thing about the Callas on this track is that they give you two of the things that tend to make rock n’ roll a lot of fun -  a good hook and shit ton of attitude.  I approve.  From Am I Vertical?.

35)  :Sleigh Bells – You Don’t Get Me Twice:  I thought that perhaps I was done with Sleigh Bells, but then this raucous anthem came along and reminded that when inspired, not many are as fun as they are.  From Bitter Rivals.

34)  :Metronomy – I’m Aquarius:  This might be my favorite Metronomy song ever.  If you can manage to not adore it whenever the “shoop doop” part kicks in, then there might be something wrong with you.  From Love Letters.

33)  :Tennis – Mean Streets:  Tennis have now completely moved away from sounding like they just got off a sail boat, and I love it.  I really didn’t think they had a slinky dance pop number like this one in them.  From the Small Sound EP.

32)  :Tony Molina – Breakin Up:  This little pop tune from Tony Molina is just a minute and half long, but it packs some great songwriting and a really nice guitar solo.  Talk about being efficient.  From the Six Tracks EP.

31)  :Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You:  With Sharon Jones battling cancer, I looked to Charley Bradley for my soul fix, and he didn’t fail me.  This is one of his better songs.  From Victim Of Love.

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Quickdraw: Cheatahs, Frankie Rose, The Casket Girls, Gap Dream, Tony Molina

September 3, 2013


Today’s music has never had a problem with your drinking.  Enjoy.

:Cheatahs – Cut The Grass:  I was hoping the arrival of this slab of shoegaze meant Cheatahs had readied their debut full length, but it’s apparently not coming until 2014.  Bummer.  On the bright side, you can get this song (and another a-side) in 7″ form on October 29 via Wichita Recordings.

:Frankie Rose – Street Of Dreams:  This has quickly become my favorite Frankie Rose song.  I really like the way the vocals are layered, and the pulsing beat provides a nice 80s touch.  Herein Wild is due out on September 24 through Fat Possum.

:The Casket Girls – Holding You Back:  It’s difficult to listen to this dream pop gem and not feel like there’s a variety of sad teenagers somewhere that could really use it.  I wonder if that’s what The Casket Girls were going for?  The band will participate in the first ever Cassette Store Day (September 7) by releasing a two-song limited edition tape via Graveface Records.

:Gap Dream – Shine Your Love:  “Everybody in this whole wide world has gone straight up insane.”  I agree.  Gap Dream will put out this quirky pop tune in 7″ form on September 17 via Fat PossumShine Your Light is the name of the full length, and it’s due November 12 on Burger Records.

:Tony Molina – Breakin’ Up:  Here’s a super quick one from Tony Molina.  I think it’s a fantastic pop song, and his upcoming effort is now a must-get for me.  The Six Tracks EP will be out next month as part of Matador’s Singles Going Home Alone 7″ series.

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