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Thee Oh Sees

May 26, 2016


I’m hungover.  Normally when such a thing happens I want to listen to the chillest music I can find, but this time around it’s a frenetic new jam from Thee Oh Sees that’s doing the trick.  When you hit play, make sure to turn the volume way up.  Also, just so you know, this track is the first single from the band’s upcoming double album, A Weird Exits.  I can’t wait to get lost in it.  Enjoy.

:Thee Oh Sees – Plastic Plant:

A Weird Exits is due out August 12 via Castle Face.

Bonus Video:

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Show Of The Week

May 25, 2016


I’m really excited for Friday.  Not only will Boyfrndz be releasing Impulse, an album full of Mars Volta-esque gems that I’ve had on repeat over the last couple of weeks, but they’ll be celebrating its arrival with a big show at Sidewinder.  With them will be Hikes, Tia Carrera, Transit Method and Caddywhompus.  It’s going to be rad.  Don’t miss it.

Boyfrndz – 11-12am
Hikes – 10-10:30pm
Tia Carrera – 9-9:30pm

Caddywhompus – 12-1am
Transit Method – 10:30-11pm

$8 adv/$10 dos

By the way, I suppose I should point out that the Boyfrndz album release gig is presented by 101X Homegrown Live, which is a program associated with a radio show I host every Sunday at 9pm.

Speaking of radio-related things, on Friday there’s also an early show I booked that I’m pumped about.  It’s with 93.7 KLBJ out at the Overlook at the Oasis.  It’s free and features Eric Tessmer, Residual Kid and Ben Ballinger.  If you’d like to spend your whole Friday with me, then come to that as well!

Eric Tessmer – 8:30-9:15pm
Residual Kid – 7:30-8:05pm
Ben Ballinger – 6:30-7:05pm

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Pharoahs, Vomettes, The Sister Rays at Hotel Vegas
- Mrs. Magician at The Sidewinder
- Common Velvet, Wildcat Apollo, Rose Selavy at Cheer Up Charlies
- Migrant Kids, Daniel Eyes & The Vibes at 3ten ACL Live
- Blues On The Green with Mike Flanigin’s The Drifter with Billy Gibbons, Jimmie Vaughn & Charlie Sexton at Zilker Park

- Basecamp at the Parish
- Magna Carda, Leopold & His Fiction, Slomo Drags, Sun Seeker at the Scoot Inn
- Crew54, KB The Boo Bonic, Secret Levels, Protextor / P-Tek, Feral the Earthworm, more at Stay Gold

- The Zoltars, The Dizzease, Grape St., Giant Kitty at Hotel Vegas
- Nada Surf, The Misteries at the Parish
- Nic Armstrong & The Thieves, Yuma, Mountain Rag at The Swan Dive
- AlunaGeorge, Kiiara at Emo’s

- High on Fire, Eagle Claw, Bridge Farmers at Grizzly Hall
- DIIV, The Paranoyds at the Mohawk
- Radioactivity, Birthday Suits, Hex Dispensers at the Mohawk
- Broncho, Winter at The Sidewinder
- Marmalakes, Shark Rider at The Swan Dive
- Say Anything, mewithoutyou, Teen Suicide, Museum Mouth at Emo’s

- Lord Buffalo, Solid State Dream Suit, The Sour Notes, Dollie Barnes at Cheer Up Charlies

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Cymbals Eat Guitars

May 24, 2016


When it comes to Cymbals Eat Guitars, I’ve grown to expect high quality, guitar-driven, maybe sometimes kind of dark and weird rock music, so it totally caught me off guard when the first single off of their newly announced LP rolled out yesterday sporting a bouncy beat and a rather active saxophone.  I dig the change in sound though.  Good on them for trying something new.  Enjoy.

:Cymbals Eat Guitars – Wish:

Pretty Years is due out September 16 via Sinderlyn.

Bonus Video:

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May 23, 2016


A couple of months back Minneapolis’ own P.O.S (aka Stefon Alexander) released a nine-minute block of intensity called Sleepdrone/Superposition.  It’s a great track (and you can/should watch the video for it down below), but I admittedly don’t listen to it all that often since, well, it’s a nine minute block of intensity.  His new tune is much more accessible, though you shouldn’t take that to mean any punches are pulled.  P.O.S always brings it.  Enjoy.

:P.O.S – Wave (Featuring Moncelas Boston And Sophia Eris):

Bonus Video:

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Quickdraw: Deerhoof, The Faint, Brand New, Father John Misty, Okkervil River

May 19, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Deerhoof – Criminals Of The Dream:  I’ve quickly become attached to this overly pleasant new single from Deerhoof.  Can’t wait to hear the new album.  The Magic is due out June 24 via Polyvinyl.  See the band at the Mohawk on August 16.

:The Faint – Young And Realistic:  To coincide with the announcement of their tour with Gang of Four, The Faint put out his track.  Get ready to want to danse.  The band will be at Emo’s on October 15.

:Brand New – I Am A Nightmare:  Here’s an anthemic new one from Brand New, who haven’t released anything since 2009′s Daisy.  I’m into it.  The I Am A Nightmare 12″ will be out in June.  See the band with Modest Mouse at Austin360 Amphitheater on July 23.

:Father John Misty – Real Love Baby:  I can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to fully board the Father John Misty hype train, but I do really like this song – it’s so warm and catchy.  Grab this one while you can, as it’s a one-off effort.

:Okkervil River – Okkervil River RIP:  This is a slow-paced, nearly seven minute ball of sadness from Okkervil River.  You should strap on some headphones before you hit play.  Away is due out September 9 via ATO Records.

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Show Of The Week

May 18, 2016


Do yourself a favor and head to 3TEN, the slick new spot underneath ACL Live, on Friday for Cross Record.  The duo’s sophomore effort, Wabi Sabi, is one of the year’s best albums, and now that they’ve had a few months to tour with it, I’m excited to see how those songs have developed live.  Also, SOTO favs Tele Novella are opening!  Be there.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Spray Paint, Total Abuse, Dope Dungeon at the Mohawk
- Night Moves, Alex Napping at The Sidewinder
- Leon Bridges, Solo Woods at Stubb’s

- The Ghost Wolves, The Harms, Tusk Her at Empire Control Room
- Leon Bridges, Solo Woods at Stubb’s
- Florence & the Machine, Grimes at Austin360 Amphitheater

- Hard Proof, The Que Pastas at Mueller
- Ought, Priests, US Weekly at The Sidewinder
- Big Coat at The Sidewinder
- We Are Scientists, The Sour Notes at Barracuda
- Soak at The North Door
- A Celebration of Music by Bjork with Botany, Illustrations, Black Books, Hard Proof, Little Brave, Young Tongue, Francine Thirteen, Obsolete Machines, Sparrow, Tambourine Dream at Cheer Up Charlies
- Mother Falcon, Sometimes a Legend at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
- Black Pistol Fire, Not In The Face, Emily Wolfe at Emo’s

- Modern English at Elysium
- Flesh Lights, Growl, Summer Salt, Femignome at Cheer Up Charlies
- Eagles of Death Metal, Thelma and the Sleaze, Paul Cauthen at Stubb’s
- Orthy, Big Coat, Shareef, Learning Secrets, Flying Turns, Business Man at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
- Star Parks, Alabama Deathwalk, El Campo at Stay Gold

- Holy Wave, Laser Background, Children of Pop, Michael Parallax at Cheer Up Charlies
- Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Ghetto Ghouls, Dryspell, Grivo, Smith+Robot, Smile, Bango Skank, Eerily Similar Beings, Schilling, Cumwave, Mamalarky at the Hole in the Wall

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Peter Bjorn And John

May 17, 2016


I’ve decided that it’s time for all of us to get excited about Peter Bjorn and John’s upcoming full length (their seventh overall).  So, for your listening pleasure, I’ve assembled the LP’s three singles down below.  My favorite is the latest to be released, Dominos.  It’s super catchy and I will certainly jam it a lot throughout the summer.  Enjoy.

:Peter Bjorn And John – Dominos:

Breakin’ Point is due out June 10 via INGRID.

Bonus Videos:

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May 16, 2016


I recently realized that when it comes to Chvrches, I’m at a point where I can no longer tell which songs are which until the chorus arrives.  They all sound the same!  But somehow I mean that in a good way!  It’s weird.  Anyhow, below you’ll find the trio’s latest soaring pop anthem, which was crafted for the game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.  Enjoy.

:Chvrches – Warning Call:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due out June 7.

Bonus Video:

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Raised Eyebrows: The Jazzmaster (Randy)

May 13, 2016

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Photo of Lizzy Mercier Descloux courtesy of

It’s May! Given the wonderful weather expected by this emerald month, I thought I’d investigate one of my favorite guitars, the Jazzmaster, and the music created by it. Making its debut in 1959, the Jazzmaster was first made to rival Gibson archtop guitars preferred by jazz musicians. It didn’t catch on, but over the years, it has found a home in a number of genres and on a ton of great records. Here’s a few highlights:

Johnny Cash – Katy Too (1959)

Luther Perkins of Cash’s Tennessee Three was an early user of the Jazzmaster. There’s some photos floating around dated as early as 1958.

Roy Clark – Twelfth Street Rag (1963)

Roy shreds on this! This comes from his 1963 album The Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark.

The Staple Singers – Whatcha Gonna Do? (1965)

Pops Staples does the tremolo Jazzmaster better than any other human being on the planet. This is proof.

Clarence Carter – Snatching It Back (1969)

Here the Jazzmaster surpasses country and blues to enter the wonderful world of rhythm and blues. The twined soapbar tone and Carter’s voice are a match made in soul heaven, and check out that album cover!

Danny James – Soul and Wine (1970)

I heard this on the Fai Do Do program on 91.7 KOOP recently. Came out on the Goldband Records label in 1970. Dude is holding a Jazzmaster on a compilation CD so I figure …”lay down some soul and get some cheap wine.”

Elvis Costello – Watching The Detectives (1977)

The Jazzmaster fell out of fashion in the 70’s. Les Paul’s and Strats became the norm until this nerdy dude named Declan MacManus declared himself to be Elvis Costello and sported a Jazzmaster on the cover of his landmark 1977 album, My Aim Is True.

Television – Foxhole (1978)

After their seminal 1977 recording Marquee Moon, Television brought their intergalactic guitar interplay back for the sophomore record Adventure. It doesn’t get the love that their classic does, but Verlaine’s guitar work on Foxhole is PURE HEAT.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Wawa (1979)

Legend has it, Lizzy (from Paris) decided in order to make it as an artist, she had to move to New York. There she met Richard Hell and bought a Jazzmaster. Her tune Wawa is a prime example of what the Jazzmaster was capable of, in both No Wave and New Wave.

The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night (1979)

Believe or not, Robert Smith was known to sport a Jazzmaster early on in the career of The Cure. This track captures some of the harmonic uses of the Jazzmaster that other bands would take to further limits in the near future.

Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket (1988)

Almost ten years later, Sonic Youth hits with their biggest record, Daydream Nation. Here the Jazzmaster goes from being a cheap anomaly to an icon of underground rock that’s still being seen today. The techniques this band forged with the instrument helped to not only reinvent it, but also send its value soaring.

Luna – Sideshow by the Seashore (1995)

Sean Eden of Luna is a well known Jazzmaster user. This tune is a high mark for American rock music.

Yo La Tengo – Cherry Chapstick (2000)

Ira Kaplan wields a cherry red Jazzmaster for this tune at shows. One of YLT’s purest tunes.

Nels Cline – Cause for Concern (2002)

I was on the fence with Nels as a member of Wilco, but after hearing The Nels Cline Singers album Instrumentals, I was convinced the dude is one of the finest Jazzmaster players around today.

Marnie Stern – The Things You Notice (2010)

FACT: Marnie Stern is a completely unique Jazzmaster player. Her playing and approach is unlike anyone else and that makes her polarizing for folks. I’m down with the Marnie sound.

Noveller – Concrete Dreams (2015)

Sarah Lipstate has recently been seen sporting a Jazzmaster. Her solitary soundscapes are incredible examples of where the instrument could be headed. Her latest album Fantastic Planet is BEYOND.

Note: Yeah, I left off some people. Tell me who and why should they have been mentioned?


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May 12, 2016


Sweaty, distorted, indistinguishable, catchy, oddly danceable.  That’s pretty much how I would describe the music made by Tobacco (the fella that fronts Black Moth Super Rainbow, not the product).  Below is his latest single.  I love it.  Enjoy.

:Tobacco – Gods In Heat:

Sweatbox Dynasty is due out August 19 via Ghostly International.

Bonus Video:

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Show Of The Week

May 11, 2016


Make sure that on Saturday you head to ABGB for A. Sinclair’s album release party.  It’s FREE, the always rad Otis The Destroyer will be opening and, of course, you’ll have a chance to grab yourself a piping hot copy of the band’s super solid new LP, Get Out Of The City.  That’s a rare triple win!  Be there, or forever be sad that you missed it.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Kay Odyssey, Suspirians, Moonsicles, Gossamer Frontier at The Sidewinder

- Migrant Kids, The Digital Wild, Black Books, Making Movies at Cheer Up Charlies
- The Mind Spiders, The Hex Dispensers at the Austin Moose Lodge #1735
- Tameca Jones, El Tule at Mueller
- The Cure, The Twilight Sad at the Frank Erwin Center
- Anamanaguchi at the Mohawk
- Moving Panoramas, Baby Bleu, Rose Selavy at Barracuda
- Broken Gold, The Blind Pets, Sphynx at The Oasis

- Moodie Black, BLXPLTN, Cerulean Trade, Little Father at Hotel Vegas
- Young Tongue, Tapajenga, Rain Collectors, Adam Bricks, Pema at Cheer Up Charlies
- The Deer, Blue Healer, Annabelle Chairlegs at the Parish
- Kay Odyssey, The Be Helds, The Holy Smokes, The Mystery Achievement at The Swan Dive
- JMBLYA. with Future, Rae Sremmurd, Crange, Keving Gates, Kehlani, Keith Ape, Jazz Cartier, Noodles, Post Malone at the Austin American Statesman

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Speedy Ortiz

May 10, 2016


Indie rock darlings Speedy Ortiz just announced a companion piece to last year’s excellent Foil Deer.  The four track EP, which carries the appropriate title of Foiled Again, features two new tunes (one of them awaits you down below) and two remixes.  I’m excited.  You should be, too.  Enjoy.

:Speedy Ortiz – Death Note:

The Foiled Again EP is due out June 3 via Carpark.  Catch the band at Barracuda on June 10.

Bonus Video:

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20 Austin Essentials

May 9, 2016


Now that I host both 101X Homegrown and KGSR’s Lone Star State of Mind, I don’t really post quite as many local mp3s.  This is mostly because I spend my Sunday evenings blabbering about all things Austin, so when it comes time to roll out content for SOTO, I often find myself on the hunt for something fresher.  I doubt this will change, so in an attempt to make sure that those of you who avoid me on the radio (but why!?) still get a good dose of Austin, I’m going to occasionally churn out a mix of select local tunes.  The first one is below, and it’s comprised of my top 20 Austin tracks from the first chunk of 2016.  Enjoy.

PS – I left off White Denim and Explosions In The Sky because I figured you guys were more than familiar with them.

PPS – It was surprisingly hard for me to cut this list to 20 songs. Maybe I should have done 30.  I should have done 30.  Next time I’ll do 30.

:Dumb – I Don’t Wanna Die On I-35From the Slack Capital compilation. FB
:A Giant Dog – Sex And DrugsFrom Pile. FB
:Basketball Shorts – Kevin McCallisterFrom the Slack Capitol compilation. FB
:Otis The Destroyer – CheetahFrom the Belushi EP. FB
:BOYFRNDZ – Going Under From Impulse. FB
:A. Sinclair – Liars in the State of New YorkFrom Get Out Of The City. FB
:My Jerusalem – Rabbit RabbitFrom A Little Death. FB
:Emily Wolfe – Atta BluesFrom the Atta Blues single. FB
:Residual Kid – Scentless PrincessFrom the Salsa EP. FB
:Mirror Travel – YescaFrom Cruise Deal. FB
:Jared Leibowich – And You’re Always OnFrom Welcome Late Bloomers. FB
:Walker Lukens – LiftedFrom Tell It To The Judge. FB
:Calliope Musicals – Echo Of The WhoosFrom Times Owes You Nothing. FB
:Slomo Drags – Going Out Of BusinessFrom the band’s self titled EP. FB
:Ramesh – RedemptionFrom the Redemption single. FB
:Booher – Pick Up The Robot Put The Robot DownFrom Funny Tears. FB
:Rain Collectors – Lately From RCEP. FB
:Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow – Cora CoraOff From The Forest Came The Fire. FB
:Blue Healer – Luminescent EyesFrom the band’s debut album. FB
:Cross Record – BasketFrom Wabi-Sabi. FB

For the hell of it, here are some other Austin artists that I’ve been digging over the last few months: Alex Napping, Broken Gold, BLXPLTN, Pema, Bayonne, Big Bill, Buhu, Chipper Jones/Chris Lopez, Empty Markets, OBN IIIs, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Growl, Harvest Thieves, Holy Wave, Lowin, Megafauna, Migrant Kids, My Golden Calf, P.T. Banks, Star Parks, The Blind Pets, Ultraviolet.

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Mind Spiders (Dan)

May 6, 2016


As I was deciding which band to write about I reviewed the albums I’ve had on heavy rotation. Prosthesis by Mind Spiders was an obvious choice, but I worried I’d written about them too much already. So I went back through my posts and realized I hadn’t done a proper post on Mind Spiders since the Fall of 2013! That’s WAY too long! Such an amazing band deserves much more attention than that. So listen up!

Mind Spiders began essentially as a one man act but over the years it has developed into a full fledged band. The current lineup includes Mark Ryan (guitar, songwriter), Daniel Fried (Bass), Mike Throneberry (drums) and Peter Salisbury (synth). For fans of punk and garage rock, the lineup is a supergroup featuring members of brilliant bands such as Marked Men, Radioactivity, High Tension Wires, Bad Sports, and Video.

Prosthesis is the fourth album in the last five years from the Fort Worth-based band. Their previous records have been critically acclaimed by outlets such as Pitchfork, New York Times, NPR, Spin, Paste, and your mom. This latest release is more forbidding and dark than past albums but it’s no less engaging and catchy. The synths and keyboards are given a more prominent role alongside the always snarling guitars, and the result is a collection of ominous and beat heavy brand of space psych-rock.

I can’t say enough about Prosthesis. This is Mind Spiders at their finest as they continue to explore and evolve. If this is their apex than it’s an achievement worth noting, but considering the output of the band thus far, it’s probably premature to say they’ve already peaked.

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Quickdraw: Casket Girls, Yung, Mutual Benefit, Kristin Kontrol, Sonny & The Sunsets

May 5, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Casket Girls – Tears Of A Clown:  Here’s a real attention-grabber from Casket Girls.  I hope there’s more of the same to be found on their new full length.  The Night Machines is due out June 3 via Graveface.

:Yung – The Child:  Just when I’m sure that Yung is all about being noisy, they deliver this really solid slow burner.  Their debut album is going to be great.  A Youthful Dream is due out June 10 via Fat Possum.

:Mutual Benefit – The Hereafter:  Unsurprisingly, this is a really gorgeous track.  I’m pretty sure that Mutual Benefit’s upcoming LP is going to be one of those that’s best devoured with a good pair of headphones.  Skip A Sinking Stone is due out May 20 via Mom + Pop.

:Kristin Kontrol – (Don’t) Wannabe:  “My own happiness offends me.”  Now that’s a line I can relate to.  On another note, I’m starting to come around on this project (it’s from Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls).  X-Communicate is due out May 27 via Sub Pop.

:Sonny And The Sunsets – Moods:  Merrill Garbus (Tune-Yards) produced the new album from Sonny And The Sunsets’, and this is the latest track to be released off of it.  I think it’s a rather fun tune.  Moods Baby Moods is due out May 27 via Polyvinyl.

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