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June 28, 2016


If you asked me to make a mid-year album list, I’d probably put Deftones’ Gore somewhere in my top 10 or 15.  It’s got such a nice, big and fully realized sound, and I just really dig it.  Side note, is there another band out there managing to age as well as they are?  I really don’t think so, and I’ll totally type in all caps at you if you disagree.

Anyhow, Deftones pulled in Com Truise to do a remix, and he churned out something super chill and neat.  Enjoy.

:Deftones – Prayers-Triangles (Com Truise Remix):

Bonus Video:

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June 27, 2016


When I saw The Neon Demon last week (here is my review), one of the things about it that really impressed me was the soundtrack, with a particular standout being the song that blasted during the credits.  As it turns out, that gem is from Sia and Diplo, two acts I semi-appreciate but don’t necessarily care about.  Go figure.  I suppose this is a good example of why you should never judge an artist by their name, yeah?  Enjoy.

:Sia – Waving Goodbye (Produced by Diplo):

You can stream The Neon Demon soundtrack in its entirety here.  Sia will be at the Frank Erwin Center on November 6.

Bonus Video:

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Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

June 24, 2016


Exciting news! Starting July 6th, Austin Mic Exchange is moving to Wednesday at 8PM at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom. This means that you work-a-day stiffs (read: me) will finally be able to hear the dope shit coming straight out the mouths of Austinites and still get home in time for your secret Whataburger binge and 11PM bedtime. What a time to be alive!

In other news, it’s hot out, so everyone who just moved here from colder locales, drink a lot of Lone Star, stay out of my secret swimming spots, and please pay your property taxes.

Song of the Month:

:The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra feat. Danny Brown: The Avalanches are back! This Australian electronic band’s debut LP was beloved in critical and popular circles alike, but that was 16 years go. They drop this single in anticipation of their next album, Wildflower, and they sound as though they’ve retained that keen ear for samples and meticulous beat-craft.

June Mix:

:Tasha the Amazon –  Picasso Leaning:
:Chance the Rapper – No Problem feat. 2Chainz and Lil Wayne:
:DJ Shadow – Nobody Speak feat. Run the Jewels:
:Despot – House of Bricks:
:Spank Rock – One Hunnid:
:Mos Def – Auditorium feat. Slick Rick:
:Kam Moye – MK-Ultra feat. Baba Zumbi:
:Scuare x BeetFarmAssist – Deluxe:
:Blu and Exile – O Heaven:
:Homeboy Sandman – Keep It Real feat. Mystro:
:Bionik – Ball Like Beijing feat. Lizzo:
:A Tribe Called Red – Stadium Pow Wow feat. Black Bear:
:Blue Scholars – Slick Watts:

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Cymbals Eat Guitars

June 23, 2016


After the bouncy first single, Wish, from Cymbals Eat Guitars impending fourth full length proved to be good but kind of weird, I wondered how the band would follow it up.  Well, now I know, as they’ve has let slip another track.  It sounds like their older material (i.e. it rocks and there’s no wild saxophone action), but it still feels like a nice step forward for them.  Can’t wait to hear all of the new album.  Enjoy.

:Cymbals Eat Guitars – 4th Of July, Philadelphia (SANDY):

Pretty Years is due out September 16 via Sinderlyn.  The band will play Sidewinder on September 25.

Bonus Video:

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Show Of The Week

June 22, 2016


If you’ve been listening to my radio show, 101X Homegrown, over the last month or so, then you already know what I’m excited about this weekend.  If you haven’t been listening (why not, man?), then I’ll just tell you – it’s My Jerusalem’s album release party at 3TEN on Saturday.  Their new LP, A Little Death, is rad, and I’m pumped to hear it live.  Also, Ringo Deathstarr A. Sinclair, who I love, will be opening.  Don’t miss it.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Pity Sex, PWR BTTM, Petal at The Sidewinder
- Jim Ward at The Sidewinder
- D.R.A.M., Loaf Muzik, Fat Tony at Barracuda
- Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, The Continuums at the Mohawk
- Ghost Wolves, Cartwright, Jonas Wilson at Hotel Vegas
- Electric Six, In the Whale at Stubb’s
- Blues on the Green with Wild Child, Max Frost at Zilker Park.
- Bloodpumps, Altamesa, Nic Armstrong, Mike Therieau at the Hole in the Wall

- Numerators, Deep Time, Leather Girls at Hotel Vegas
- Lord Buffalo, Wildfires, Gossamer Frontier, Hardcore Sex at Barracuda
- Ssserpentsss, Xetas, Body Pressure, Lustron at Beerland

- A Giant Dog, Big Bill, Pleasure Venom, DJ Brother Dege at Beerland
- Outlines with Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth, Shlohmo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ set) at the Mohawk
- Major Grizz, Sik Mule, Ghostbunny at The Sidewinder
- Gloves INTL, Keeper, Orthy, Thor Harris & Friends, Charlie Belle, Boozwa, DJ No Kid$ at Cheer Up Charlies
- Other Lovers, The Dizzease, Jesse Vain and the Happy Hour Holiness Movement, Honeyrude at The Swan Dive

- OBN IIIs, Rusted Shut, Total Abuse, Filth at Barracuda
- The Gary, The Midgetmen, Que Pasa? at Barracuda
- Daniel Eyes & The Vibes, Otis the Destroyer, Swimming With Bears, The Warplanes at The Swan Dive
- Lake Street Dive, Walker Lukens and the Side Arms at Stubb’s

- Ziemba, Ruby Fray, Molybden, Outsider at Hotel Vegas

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Bad Sports

June 21, 2016


If you’re into the punk scene in Austin and/or Denton, then you probably already know that Bad Sports is an all-star group of sorts.  Guitarist/vocalist Orville Neeley can usually be found fronting the always rad OBN IIIs, and both bassist/vocalist Daniel Fried and drummer Gregory Rutherford are in the great Radioactivity.  In August the trio will be putting out an EP, and today I have the title track/first single off of it.  Expect to want to leave the track on repeat for a while.  Enjoy.

:Bad Sports – Living With Secrets:

The Living With Secrets EP is due out August 12 via Dirtnap Records.

Bonus Video:

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The Tallest Man On Earth

June 20, 2016


While clearing out my inbox on Saturday I noticed I had a new – seemingly one-off – tune from The Tallest Man On Earth (aka Kristian Matsson).  The song is pretty stripped down (it was apparently recorded late one night while on tour), and it’s really damn good.  So good in fact that it’s had me hankering for a revisit of Matsson’s previous efforts.  Maybe I’ll do that today.  Enjoy.

:The Tallest Man On Earth – Time Of The Blue:

Bonus Videos:

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Frankie’s Top Red Hot Chili Peppers Tracks

June 17, 2016


John here!  I can’t say I’ve ever thought of myself as a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan.  They have some songs I like, some that I don’t, and overall I think that they exist in a part of my brain that simply tolerates their existence.  What’s stranger is that while they’re one of the biggest bands in the world (otherwise how could they headline festivals and play arenas?), it wasn’t until I met my buddy Frankie in 2008-09 that I actually came across someone who claimed to be a mega-fan.  He is though.  100%.  It’s admirable.  So, just for the hell of it, I asked him to create an ultimate RHCP mix in celebration of the band releasing their new album today.

Hey! I’m Frankie and I’m proud – not afraid – to say that I am a HUGE Red Hot Chili Peppers fan! They are my favorite band OF. ALL. TIME! I’ve been a Chilis fan since I was in the 8th grade. I was pretty much unfamiliar with RHCP up until that point besides what I had heard on the radio in the early nineties (Under The Bridge, Give it Away). 1999 was the year, to be exact, and I remember sitting in my parents car in the parking lot of Home Depot as my parents went to buy whatever parents buy at Home Depot, and Scar Tissue played on 101X (local Austin radio station). I remember falling in love with that song. Seventeen years later, now married and an adult (?), and having listened to every single RCHP album ever put out at least a handful a times (if not more), I’m fully a massive Chili Peppers fan, tried and true. And hey, I get it, they catch a lot of flack for dancing around shirtless on-stage and flashing their mid-90′s tribal tats. C’mon, drummer, Chad Smith is Will Farrell! There’s a guy in the band whose name is Flea. Flea! And Anthony Kiedis’ rhymes/lyrics are a constant [mis]nomenclature skit-skat ode to the state of California. But I love them. Why? They are true humans and I think they’re fucking cool. The music video to Californication is a video game – so sick! Musically, they’ve never tried to fit any mold or adjust to any musical genre that is trendy or currently ‘hot.’ They’ve managed to consistently deliver fresh, cool tunes and their live performances are electric. Anthony Kiedis and Flea’s brotherhood is like no other – their bond is undeniable. Each member of the band is a stand alone, top-notch musician. They’ve been rocking the fuck out of life and show no signs of slowing down. And in honor of today’s release of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s eleventh studio album, The Getaway, I’ve compiled a set of songs that celebrates RHCP for you to jam!

The playlist below has some songs you’ve heard thousands of times on the radio, others are deep tracks that you might not have even known existed. If you’re a real Chili Peppers fan, then you know all of these songs but if the Chili Peppers that you think you know is based off of the radio-hits, then hopefully this offers a new perspective on the band. Side note, my best friend Steven (he’s also a massive, devoted RHCP fan) and I get annoyed when we’re at a RHCP show and the crowd cheers when they hear a song they know. We, on the other hand, prefer the deeper cuts. But that’s just us. Maybe?  Either way, I give to you, ladies and gentlemen, the specially curated Frankie’s Top RCHP tracks! Enjoy!

With love,


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The Lovely Sparrows

June 16, 2016


My longtime pal Shawn Jones has finally (and when I say finally, I mean FINALLY) reignited things with The Lovely Sparrows, and I’m oh-so-excited about it.  Believe or not, but myself, SOTO and The Lovely Sparrows have been connected for roughly a decade.  That’s some serious history!  Also, it makes me feel old when I note things like that.  In any case, the Austin-based act just put out a free compilation called Hermetic Recordings – Songs: 2004-2016, and then later this year they’ll be releasing a full length.  You can check out a stellar new one down below.  Just so you know, it’s both on the comp and is the title track/first single off of their impending LP.  Enjoy.

:The Lovely Sparrows – Shake The Shadow:

Bonus Videos:

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Show Of The Week

June 15, 2016


This week it’s difficult to not be all about the Solstice Festival.  On Friday there are club shows (or parties, if you prefer that word) all over town with the likes of Magna Carda, Big Bill, Night Drive, Tele Novella, The Eastern Sea and lots more.  Then on Saturday the actual “festival” part of Solstice will take place at Pan Am Park, and it will feature The Octopus Project, Ume, Megafauna, Riders Against The Storm, Hard Proof, Blue Healer and plenty of others.  That’s a whole lot of live music for $25 (or $20, if you buy before Friday).  Get in on it.

PS – If your bank account is empty, SOTO is currently running a contest for Solstice.  Just check the sidebar (hint: it’s that –> way) for details.

2PS – You should head out to the Oasis early on Friday for the next show that I’ve booked for 93.7 KLBJ.  This one features Otis The Destroyer, Skyline and MCG.  It’s FREE and starts right at 6:30pm.  Come say hey.

3PS – Before you make the jump to Solstice on Saturday, I highly advise that you hit up the Austin Record Convention.  It’s a very awesome thing.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- The Ghost Wolves , VOLK, Boessi Kreh Solo at Hotel Vegas

- Ringo Deathstarr at Hotel Vegas
- A Place to Bury Strangers, Spray Paint, Troller at Barracuda
- Obscured By Echoes, The Schisms, Toast Party at the Mohawk
- A Giant Dog, Little Will, Molly Burch, Protextor at Sekrit Theater
- Kay Odyssey, Blunderkind, Frozen Orange, Tres Oui at Cheer Up Charlies
- The Ghost Wolves, Amplified Heat, Javier Escovedo & The City Lights at the Continental Club
- Sunflower Bean, Tele Novella at Stubb’s

- Toro Y Moi (DJ set) at Empire Control Room

- The Early Stages, RaDaM, The Desert Stars, Austi at Dozen Street
- Taft, Reservations, Chase Weinacht at Cheer Up Charlies
- 2nd Street Soundcheck with Walker Lukens & The Side Arms, East Cameron Folkcore, Keeper, Migrant Kids, Otis The Destroyer, Lowin,Tameca Jones, GOBI, Sour Bridges, Moving Panoramas, Daniel Eyes & The Vibes, The Warplanes

- The Avett Brothers at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

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June 14, 2016


Minneapolis’ Doomtree dropped a new track yesterday.  I was hoping it meant that a follow-up of some sort to last year’s super excellent All Hands was on the way, but it appears to be a one-off single.  Bummer.  On the bright side, the press release that came along with the song did note that the entire collective – P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, and Lazerbeak – are currently working on solo albums.  Rad!  Bring it all on.

By the way, the new tune is a banger that features words by Sims, Cecil Otter and P.O.S.  Enjoy.

:Doomtree – Spill Me Up:

Bonus Videos:

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June 13, 2016


In case you missed it, Viet Cong are now known as the Chad VanGaalen-suggested Preoccupations.  This is a good thing, as the world wasn’t exactly accepting of the band’s original name, and now everyone can move on and just focus on the music.  Hooray!  Below you’ll find the first single off of their upcoming sophomore full length.  It’s dense but in a good way.  Enjoy.

:Preoccupations – Anxiety:

The band’s self titled album is due out September 16 via Jagjaguwar.  See them at the Mohawk on October 21.

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MNYNMS (Remix Premiere)

June 10, 2016


Houston’s very own MNYNMS (pronounced Many Names) are on the verge of releasing two EPs.  Rite Of Passage is one, and it’s all originals, and the other is made up of remixes of Oracle, which is the first single off of the former.  One remix is currently available (you can listen to it and the original down below), and now here at SOTO we’re premiering another.  It was done by the Austin-based duo Night Drive, and it turns the near ethereal Oracle into a full-on dance anthem.  I think you’re going to dig it.  Enjoy.

Both the Rite Of Passage EP and the Oracle Remix EP are due out July 22 via Sound Control Records.

Bonus Videos:

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Raised Eyebrows: Private Press Primer (Randy)

June 10, 2016


Hey, It’s June! Where in the hell did the time go? You ever wonder about all those odd records you see floating around resale shops and vintage stores? The ones that feature photos of strange men and women and incredible fonts. There are many of these kinds of LP’s and most of them SUCK, but there are some exceptions. I’m here this month to give a little sample of the ridiculous wealth private press records can offer. Here we go!

Anonymous – J. Rider (from Inside The Shadow)

This LP is a slice of homemade pop/prog/psych heaven. Recorded in Indianapolis in 1976. This was recently reissued by the good folks from Light In The Attic.

Eddie Callahan – Santa Cruz Mountains (from False Ego)

This song is an incredible christian anthem that features a truly serious synth solo. Fans of Chris Bell and Badfinger are encouraged to listen. Time-Lag reissued this puppy not too long ago.

Larry ‘Sunshine’ Rice – Listen Sister (from Here’s Sunshine)

Legend has it that Texan Larry Rice opened up a church dedicated to marijuana in Justin, TX after recording this record in Dallas in 1969. Time-Lag has also made this one available again!

Jandek – Lavender (from You Walk Alone)

Jandek may be the most legendary private press artist EVER. Among his many many LP’s, this one stands tallest with it’s twin guitar “blues rock” approach. 2012’s Maze of the Phantom is also highly recommended. Both are available on Corwood Industries.

Jim Sullivan – Rosey (from UFO)

This record has it ALL: The Wrecking Crew, alien abduction, and INCREDIBLE songs. Read the whole story HERE

Ted Lucas – I’ll Find a Way (To Carry It All) (from Ted Lucas)

Known or unknown, this song is simply one of the finest songs written by just about anybody.

Sound Ceremony – Miss Vickey (from Guitar Star)

There’s something about this song that makes me want to believe that Alex Chilton used it as reference for his own chintzy classic Like Flies on Sherbert. This song is such cheap boogie and that’s cool with me.

Timbercreek – Stone Cold Turkey (from Hellbound Highway)

Heady 1975 Grateful Dead worship from these Laurel Canyon hippies.

Kenny Knight – Carry Me Home (from Crossroads)

This song is all about pain and moving past it in a positive way. It’s sort of this Taoist country rock jam that can really puts things in perspective. Paradise of Bachelors reissued this one.

Perry Leopold – And Then, The Snow Came (from Experiment in Metaphysics)

Some fine Guitar Soli and many-a Basho’d vocal.

Steve Tibbetts – Sunrise (from Steve Tibbetts)

Before his career with ECM, Steve Tibbetts released an outstanding recorded-at-home LP in 1977. This was reissued by Cuneiform in 1995.

Bob Desper – It’s Too Late (from New Sounds)

A loner folk masterpiece from Portland songwriter Bob Desper. His 1974 album New Sounds was reissued in 2009 by Discourage Records.

David Kauffman / Eric Caboor – Kiss the Day Goodbye (from Songs From Suicide Bridge)

This out-of-time, singular work of art was recorded in 1983 in Burbank, CA. There may be nothing as melancholy and pure as this. It’s available through Light In The Attic.


Bill Madison – Low Days Down (from Sunday Mornin’ Hayride)


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Chook Race

June 9, 2016

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While trying to decide where or not I actually like the new tunes from Angel Olsen (it’s very Lana Del Rey, which is weird), Sleigh Bells (lackluster opening, kill outro) and Deap Valley (not sure if trying too hard or not trying at all), I came to the realization that all I really wanted to share today was Chook Race.  The Australian act are getting ready to release their sophomore album, and even though I have never listened to their debut and I’ve only heard one track off of their upcoming effort, I’m rather excited for it.  That’s just how good the first single is.  Enjoy.

:Chook Race – Sometimes:

Around The Horse is due out September 2 via Trouble In Mind.

Bonus Video:

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