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Show Of The Week (Powered by Pulsr)

August 2, 2016


This week is all about Houston’s The Suffers and Austin’s Sweet Spirit playing the final Blues on the Green (Pulsr users click HERE) of 2016.  I’d recommend seeing either band on any night, but the chance to catch them for FREE out at Zilker Park is just too good for anyone to pass up.  You have to be there.  See you Wednesday at 8pm.

By the way, my pals over at 93.3 KGSR (I host Lone Star State of Mind there ever Sunday from 10pm to 11pm) slid me an extra pair of hospo passes.  So, if you’d like to upgrade your status for the event, just send an email HERE with I’M A TOTAL WINNER as the subject.  I’ll randomly pick someone Wednesday at noon!

Thanks to Pulsr for sponsoring this week’s column!  For those of you who don’t know, Pulsr is a social discovery application meant to answer the age-old question “What should we do tonight?” By using personalized content and a live social media feed, Pulsr helps locals get the most out of living in Austin by showing the best live music, trendy restaurants, happy hour specials and more. Pulsr aims to help locals get out and live by joining with others to explore all Austin has to offer. The app is available for download for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

Click on the first band in each entry to open the show in Pulsr.

- Sweat Lodge, Xetas, Quin Galavis at Hotel Vegas
- Woods, Cian Nugent at The Sidewinder

- K.D. Lang & Neko Case & Laura Veirs at the Long Center

- Street Dads, David Israel, Dryspell at Hotel Vegas

- Magna Carda, Monkier (Atlanta), Boombaptist at the Mohawk
- Night Court, Hola Beach, Summer Salt, Triathalon, Deep Cuts at Cheer Up Charlies
- The Beatles Revolver 50th Anniversary with Holy Wave, Amplified Heat, Rotten Mangos, The Sour Notes, Crocodile Tears at Barracuda
- Tristen, Mirror Travel at Stubb’s

- The Mystery Lights, Annabelle Chairlegs, Ganesha at Parish
- Good Talk, Major Major Major, Ruok, TigerSex, Alex Alone at Cheer Up Charlies
- A Giant Dog, Sealion at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

Show Of The Week Media:

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Quickdraw: The Suffers, La Sera, Damien Jurado, Tycho, Savages

January 12, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:The Suffers – Peanuts:  Here’s the latest gem from Houston’s The Suffers.  If you’ve been around SOTO at all over the last couple of years, then you know how much I love them.  I’m expecting big things out of the band in 2016.  Their self titled album is due out February 12.

:La Sera – High Notes:  I really like this endearing little pop tune from La Sera.  I’m excited to hear the rest of their Ryan Adams-produced album, Music For Listening To Music To, which is due out March 4 via Polyvinyl.

:Damien Jurado – Exit 353:  Damien Jurado has been on a nice streak lately  (Maraqopa and Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Sun were both super solid), and I’m certain he’ll keep it going with his new LP.  This first single off of it is transfixing.  Visions Of Us On The Land is due out March 18 via Secretly Canadian.

:Tycho – Apogee (RJD2 Remix):  This remix by RJD2 is so very chill.  It makes me want to sit around and do absolutely nothing but relax.  Tycho’s Awake Remixes is due out May 20 via Ghostly International.

:Savages – Adore:  I guess this track technically counts as a “slow-burner” for Savages.  I appreciate the way that they always sound as intense as possible, even if they’re not slinging any noise around.  Adore Life is due out January 22 via Matador.

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Top 50 Songs Of 2015: Part 1

November 30, 2015


Hey!  It’s time to start counting down my Top 50 Songs of 2015.  As always, the entire list is made up of tracks that have steadily been in my rotation since I came across them.  Enjoy.

50)  :Carly Rae Jepsen – Let’s Get Lost:  I officially boarded CRJ’s bandwagon this year.  Her latest is LP is pretty damn fun, and I think this is the best song off of it.  You’re legit stone cold if you can listen to it and not want to dance.  From Emotion.

49)  :Icky Blossoms – In Folds:  I was all about this driving, synth-filled track from Icky Blossoms before I even finished listening to it for the first time.  It’s an all-around stellar sounding song that just dominates the room.  From Mask.

48)  :Death Cab For Cutie – The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive:  This is the first Death Cab For Cutie single in a very long time that’s stuck with me.  Probably because it moves well and the band actually sounds awake in it.  From Kintsugi.

47)  :Albert Hammond Jr. – Born Slippy:  It’s nice that the Strokes are still working together, but I’d be fine if they called it quits and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. just went about churning out more solo albums.  As shown here, the guy really knows how to write an inviting pop tune.  From Momentary Masters.

46)  :The Suffers – Make Some Room:  Houston’s The Suffers really took off this year, and I’m so very happy for them.  As for this track, I think it’s one of 2015′s most endearing efforts.  From the Make Some Room EP.

45)  :Sweet Spirit – Babydoll:  I’ve been watching locals Sweet Spirit play this live for a long while, so I love that a recorded version finally came along.  It’s definitely one of those songs that I find stuck in my head seemingly all of the time.  From the band’s self titled EP.

44)  :Jeff The Brotherhood – Black Cherry Pie:  This song from Jeff The Brotherhood features a goddamn flute solo by Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull fame) and has a chorus that mentions wanting to stab someone in the eye.  Those two things alone should warrant its placement on anyone’s year-end list.  From Wasted On The Dream.

43)  :Desaparecidos – City On The Hill:  The Conor Oberst that fronts Desaparecidos is my favorite Conor Oberst.  I think his emo-y voice is best used in tracks like one, which is an anthemic scorcher.  From Payola.

42)  :Dan Friel – Rattler:  Dan Friel is a master at twiddling knobs (not a euphemism).  I frequently put this inspired tune on whenever I need to rally up for something.  From Life.

41)  :jj – Truce:  The immense amount of attitude that’s all throughout this jj song has entertained me for much of 2015.  The whole thing is just ridiculous (and fun).  From Truce.

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The Suffers

November 5, 2015


A couple of days ago my good pals out of Houston, The Suffers, released a single.  If you’ve been hanging around SOTO for a while or have ever had a conversation with me, you know I’m one of their biggest supporters.  There’s just an enormous amount of enthusiasm that’s present in everything that they do, and I love it.  Do me a favor and tell all your friends about them.  After you listen to the new tune, of course.  Enjoy.

:The Suffers – Better:

The band’s self titled album is due out February 12.

Bonus Video:

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Show Of The Week

August 12, 2015


Technically I’m super highlighting two shows in this week’s column, but they’re both on the same night and they’re both FREE, which means I can consider them to be one rad experience.  So, tomorrow evening, I recommend that you start at Shady Grove with The Suffers, who will be playing KGSR’s Unplugged at the Grove.  They go on a 8pm!  If you like soul music, you shouldn’t miss them.  Once they’re done, my recommendation is that you then make the jump to Holy Mountain.  Starting at 9pm, I’ll be there playing 90s rock tunes before and around a set that will feature a bunch of rad locals performing Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream from front to back.  That’s a totally fun and FREE Thursday night.  Join me for all of it.

Other shows you could go to this week!

- Blue Healer, Say Girl Say, Slomo Drags at Lamberts

- The Velvet Teen, Young Tongue, Bright Like The Sun at Holy Mountain
- Rocky Votolato, Dave Hause, Chris Farren at Red 7

- A. Sinclair, John Wesley Coleman III at Radio Coffee & Beer
- METZ, Big Ups, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes at Red 7
- La Luz, Will Sprott, Kay Odyssey at the Mohawk
- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, football etc., Alex Napping at Holy Mountain
- Party Girl, Annabelle Chairlegs, Sailor Poon, The Daddy Os at Hotel Vegas
- Corduroi, Learning Secrets, Gost, Royal Forest at Vulcan Gas Company
- Letting Up Despite Great Faults, 3D Friends, NeonNoah at The Swan Dive

PS – Holy shit!  What’s up with Saturday?  Everyone is playing.

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Stream This

January 30, 2015


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums are released, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Two Gallants – We Are Undone

Title Fight – Hyperview
Mount Eerie – Sauna
Nite Fields – Depersonalization
Asaf Avidan – Gold Shadow
John Carpenter – Lost Themes
Choke Up – Black Coffee, Bad Habits
H Hawkline – In The Pink Of Condition


Run The Jewels

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Guest Mix: Kam Franklin Of The Suffers

January 26, 2015


This month’s Guest Mix is from Kam Franklin of The Suffers!  The band just played a handful of sold-out shows in support of their new EP, Make Some Room.  If you’re not on their bandwagon, you should be.  Enjoy.

Hey!  Kam here.  In celebration of The Suffers’ EP release, I chose to pick a selection of artists that have worked with, supported and/or inspired me.

3d Na’Tee – Do It For The Gram

The Suffers played the ADD52 showcase with 3D Na’tee at SXSW last March. The encounter was brief, but we were incredibly impressed by her flow. She is 100% real, and the world needs more of that. She’s absolutely stunning, but raps like a beast. Prepare yourself.

Equals – Sweat House

This selection makes me particularly happy because there are so many different connections within the band.  I went to high school with the guitar player Simon McDonald, and I used to be in a ska band with the (now ex) bass player Alex Guzman. It seems like so long ago, but the time away from them has only led me to admire them and their body of work even more so. This song is gorgeous.

Fat Tony – No More

This song was put together by a collective of men that I consider to be family. It was written by Fat Tony, produced by Jose Gorbea (aka iLL Faded), and features a guest vocal appearance by Buckamore. All three men are just starting to get the real attention they truly deserve, and I’m excited about everything they have ahead of them.

The Very Best – Hear Me

I have a long history with these guys. For those that are unfamiliar with them, The Very Best is a collaboration between London based producer Johan Hugo and Esau Mwamwaya from Malawi.  I went on their first American tour with them years back, and have been following their career ever since. Hear Me with Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio is their first release since their 2012 record MTMTMK.

Lyric Michelle – Weekend (la di da di)

Lyric is one of my favorite lyricists and poets. On this track, I feel like she’s calling out so many people that have been acting up. Anyone that has chosen to drink or smoke their troubles away instead of dealing with the real issues will definitely understand where she’s coming from with this one. The song has so many different levels that may get missed the first time around, but that’s okay. That’s what the internet is for! Repeat this one if you miss the message the first time around.


RX Bandits – Ruby Cumulus

There are few bands I love more than RX Bandits. They main reason I love them is because their music and live show inspired me to step out of my box as a performer. They do what they want to do, how they want to do it, and I respect the hell out of that.

Chllngr – Without Yours (Featuring Josiahwise IS THE SERPENTWITHFEET)

At one point, Steve Borth was in RX Bandits. At the time that he was exiting the band, I was slowly falling in love with them. Since I was so eager to hear everything this camp was putting out, be it together or solo, I kept up with his music.  Years later, he created a brand new project that I’m absolutely obsessed with called Chllngr. The harmonies are beautiful, and the soulful but synth-hop production in everything is just ridiculous. He is a truly a creative genius, and this project is wonderful.

BLSHS – Gave It Away

Blshs is a Houston based synth-pop trio that makes the kind music that distracts me from whatever it is I should be doing. Michelle’s voice is gorgeous, and the band is just all around amazing. In my opinion, the best thing about them, aside from their music, is that they support everyone that supports them. In an industry that is known for not being very nice, that kind of behavior goes a long way.


The Tontons – Ruins

This is my favorite song off of the most recent Tontons album. It’s very simple, but the song is incredibly moving. It features Asli Omar on vocals with Adam Martinez on acoustic guitar. I like that they kept the video just as simple as the song. Their music is usually much more aggressive, so it was really nice to see this side of them.

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Stream This

January 16, 2015


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums are released, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love

Viet Cong – Self Titled
Menace Beach – Ratworld
The Decemberists – What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World
Amen Dunes – Cowboy Worship EP
Belle And Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
The Suffers – Make Some Room EP
Ty Segall – Mr. Face EP
Genuine Leather – Barb Wire EP
Ryan Adams – No Shadow EP
Alex Calder – Strange Dreams
Cloakroom – Further Out
Fulton Read – You & I
Jack Name – Weird Moons
Meat Wave – Brother EP



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Quickdraw: While We Were Sleeping – Part 2

January 6, 2015

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Alright kids, I believe that with this post I’m all caught up now.  Hopefully you discover(ed) some cool stuff that you may have missed over the holiday break.  Enjoy.

:Modest Mouse – Lampshades On Fire:  This is one of those stellar Modest Mouse singles that reminds you why they’re so revered.  It’s anthemic, weird and infectious.  I really hope their new album is a great one.  Strangers To Ourselves will be out on March 3 via Epic Records.

:Spoon – Inside Out (Tycho Remix):  While I’m not sure it’s necessary to alter something as perfect as the original version of this Spoon track, I can’t deny that I dig what Tycho did with it.  The arrangement is now much more expansive.  This remix is a one-off, so download it while it’s here.

:The Julie Ruin – Blueberry Island:  For a moment I thought that Kathleen Hanna and The Julie Ruin had readied a new album, but this slick number is actually just a b-side from 2013′s Run Fast.  Oh well.  I’ll still take it!  The Blueberry Island 7″ is due out soon via Federal Prism.

:Guards – Nothing More:  Richie James Follin (brother of Cults’ Madeline Follin) sent me this new Guards track over the break.  I think it’s a wonderfully produced pop song, and I expect you to eat it right up.  Look for a new album from the band later this year.

:Male Bonding – Falling:  Here’s a fuzzy new one from Male Bonding, who have been largely MIA for the last few years.  No details on a new album (or tour) have been released, but it seems pretty likely that some sort of announcement is coming soon.  Fingers crossed, though.

:Gal Pals – Ex-Marionette:  It’s a bummer that Gal Pals are no longer in Austin (they’re now in LA), but at least they finally wrapped their debut album.  This first single is one super catchy piece of retro pop.  Velvet Rut is due out February 24 via Papercup Music.

:Moon Duo – Animal:  This new Moon Duo song isn’t exactly what I would call accessible, but you’ll probably still stick it on repeat since it’s a rather entrancing effort.  Have fun living in a psychedelic haze for a bit.   Shadow Of The Sun is due out March 3 via Sacred Bones.

:Conor Oberst – Sugar Street:  Conor Oberst just about puts me to sleep these days, so I have to admit I was pretty surprised when this track managed to hold my attention.  It sounds a lot like the stuff that originally made him worth paying attention to.  If you search around, you can probably find the Record Store Day Black Friday 7″ that this song resides on.

:The Suffers – Make Some Room:  My good pals The Suffers are ready to set loose an official EP, and you’re going to want it.  Unless, of course, you don’t like good soul music.  The Make Some Room EP is due out January 20.  See the band at Empire Control Room on January 23.

:Magna Carda – Juice:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Magna Carda are one of Austin’s best acts.  You should really download their latest release, Like It Is, for FREE via Bandcamp and then spend the next week or eight blasting it as loud as you can.

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