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Quickdraw: Empress Of, Rose Windows, The Mary Onettes, Girlpool, The Tallest Man On Earth

April 16, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Empress Of – Water Water:  Lorely Rodriguez (aka Empress Of) has readied her debut LP.  I don’t know if this is an “official” single or just a promise of what’s to come, but I like it.  She has moments where she sounds like Bjork.  Look for the album later this year via Terrible Records.

:Rose Windows – Strip Mall Babylon:  Bad news!  Rose Windows just called it quits.  Good news!  They’re still going to follow through with the release of their new album.  As for this song, it’s slinky, loud and weird.  Expect to dig it.  The band’s self titled album is due out May 4 via Sub Pop.

:The Mary Onettes – Ruins (Featuring Maria Usbeck):  Here’s one from The Mary Onettes that was originally crafted as an instrumental track for a Swedish film.  I think it’s beautiful.  Kudos to the band for deciding it needed some vocals.  The Ruins single is currently available via Cascine.

:Girlpool – Before The World Was Big:  Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad are a clever pair of ladies, and I’m a big fan of what they’re doing together as Girlpool.  This may be their best song yet.  Before The World Was Big is due out June 2 via Wichita Recordings.

:The Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home:  I didn’t much care for the first song that was released off of the upcoming album from The Tallest Man On Earth, but this one works for me.  I love the guitar-work a lot, and (of course) Kristian Matsson’s voice is terrific.  Dark Bird Is Home is due out May 12 via Dead Oceans.

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Quickdraw: Empress Of, Daytona, Diane Coffee, Cymbals, Garden City Movement

November 11, 2013


Today’s music knows your secrets.  Enjoy.

:Empress Of – Realize You:  I really love Empress Of.  She (Lorely Rodriguez) doesn’t seem capable of repeating herself, which I appreciate.  As of now, there’s no word on if this track is just a one-off single or if it will appear on an album.

:Daytona – Honey:  If Daytona’s upcoming full length isn’t on your radar, it should be.  I think it has the chance to be really nice pop effort.  You’ll be able to pick up the band’s self titled album on November 19 via Ernest Jenning.

:Diane Coffee – Gov T:  I hadn’t previously thought of Diane Coffee as being Tame Impala-esque, but this track definitely comes off that way.  Grab this unreleased song while you can.  The band’s My Friend Fish is out now on Western Vinyl.

:Cymbals – Erosion:  Here’s a new single from Cymbals that kind of reminds me of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.  I have no complaints about that.  The Age Of Fracture is due out on February 4 via Tough Love Records.

:Garden City Movement – Move On:  While digging around Pitchfork this weekend I found this rather headphone-worthy effort.  It’s a beautiful, intimate track, and I really like it.  Garden City Movement will release an EP on BLDG5 in the near future.

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Quickdraw: Weekend, Jackson Scott, Empress Of, Hands, Deerhunter

April 8, 2013


Today’s music just wants to be friends.  Enjoy.

:Weekend – Mirror:  “If you think we were loud and obnoxious before, you’re gonna hate this.”  When a band is okay placing a quote like that in the press release for their upcoming album, I pretty much have to support them.  Jinx is due out July 23 via Slumberland.

:Jackson Scott – Awful Sound:  Here’s a new psych-pop artist out of Asheville, North Carolina that’s been getting some buzz.  He doesn’t have a sound you haven’t heard before (especially if you like Jeff Mangum and such), but it’s quality stuff nonetheless.  Melbourne will be out on Fat Possum this summer.

:Empress Of – Tristeza:  This song is not in English, so I have absolutely no idea what it’s about.  Fortunately though, this has not stopped me from constantly getting lost in it.  What a beautiful track.  Last week Empress Of released the Systems EP on Terrible Records.

:Hands – Brave Motion:  If your Monday is off to a slow start, I highly recommend using this energetic number to help pick up the pace.  Synesthesia is due out on April 30 via Kill Rock Stars.  If you’re in Austin, you’ll be able to see the band play May 24 at Stubb’s Jr.

:Deerhunter – Monomania:  There’s a good chance that this has pretty much instantly become my favorite Deerhunter song.  Everything about it is fierce, and I especially love how it’s the sort of track that I’ll never be able to turn up loud enough.  Monomania is expected out May 7 via 4AD.

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Quickdraw: Empress Of, Zorch, Yellowbirds, Sunshine, Pony Time

March 4, 2013


Today’s music was crafted by tiny dancers.  Enjoy.

:Empress Of – Hat Trick:  Lorely Rodriguez, who is the main brain behind Empress Of, had a single last year that I really liked called Don’t Tell Me.  This song plays smaller, but it’s still a good one.  I love her voice.  The Systems Out EP is due April 2 on Terrible Records.

:Zorch – We All Die Young:  Here’a an act out of Austin that just signed to Sargent House.  Even if you spent the entire day looking, you would be hard pressed to find anything as energetic and fun to listen to as this track.  Zzoorrcchh is expected out this summer.

:Yellowbirds – Young Men Of Promise:  I missed out on this band’s debut, but this easy to like piece of retro pop makes me want to seek it out before the new full length gets released.  Songs From The Vanished Frontier is due out May 28 via Royal Potato Family.

:Sunshine – Two Hundred Grand:  For those of you that love bands like the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart or the Raveonettes, this song will slap a big smile on your face.  This band just released their self titled debut.  Go check it out, friends.

:Pony Time – Geordie:  Because I’m immature, this band’s name makes me giggle.  Fortunately though, I do not feel the need to laugh when I listen to this song, which just straight up rocks.  Go Find Your Own is out now on Per Se Records.

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Quickdraw: Empress Of, Jinja Safari, Popstrangers, Woodsman, Indians

October 22, 2012


Today’s music used to work at the mall.  Enjoy.

:Empress Of – Don’t Tell Me:  Lorely Rodriguez is a brand new artist that resides in Brooklyn.  This track, which is her first single, has somewhat of a plodding pace, but I really like the soaring vocals.  Not sure when this will show up on anything official, so grab it now.

:Jinja Safari – Hiccups:  This is really refreshing piece of pop.  The arrangement has a pleasant, bouncy feel to it, and when I hear I want to go skip around somewhere.  The band is expected to put out a full length early next year.

:Popstrangers – Heaven:  Here’s the latest addition to the Carpark Records roster.  The band is out of New Zealand, and I think they have a pretty solid pop rock sound.  You’ll be able to snatch up Antipodes on February 26.

:Woodsman – Sonic Tomb:  These guys are in the midst of putting together a new full length, and this brooding instrumental number is one of the tracks that didn’t make the cut.  It’s worth your time, though.  I promise.  The All Tangled Up 7″ is out now via Lefse.

:Indians – Cakelakers:  If you’re going to get lost in something today, it should be this beautiful track.  Headphones are a must, so slap some on before hitting play.  4AD will put out the band’s debut, Somewhere Else, on January 29.  They’re also set to play the Mohawk on November 9.

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