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Quickdraw: Autolux, Car Seat Headrest, Whitney, Tancred, The Hotelier

March 28, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Autolux – Brainwasher:  The return of Autolux (their last LP was 2010′s Transit Transit) has had me feeling buzzy for the last couple of months.  They’re one of my favorite art rock acts ever.  Pussy’s Dead is due out April 1 via 30th Century Records.

:Car Seat Headrest – Drunk Drivers-Killer Whales:  These days I’m totally hung up on Car Seat Headrest.  I saw Will Toledo and his band a couple of times at SXSW, and I thought they were great.  Next level indie rock.  Teens Of Denial is due out May 20 via Matador.

:Whitney – Golden Days:  Former Smith Westerns guitarist Max Kakacek has joined up with former Unknown Mortal Orchestra drummer Julien Ehrlich to form Whitney.  I think this track is an immensely enjoyable pop effort.  Light Upon The Lake is due out June 3 via Secretly Canadian.

:Tancred – Control Me:  It would appear that the next great 90s indie rock throwback album will be coming from Tancred.  This song makes me want to listen to the Breeders or Plumtree.  Out Of The Garden is due out April 1 via Polyvinyl.

:The Hotelier – Piano Player:  While I’ve seen lot of people in my various feeds buzzing about The Hotelier, this is the first song of theirs that I’ve listened to.  I’m into it.  They have an anthemic edge that’s hard not to get caught up in.  Goodness is due out in May via Tiny Engines.

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Quickdraw: The Thermals, White Denim, Thao And The Get Down Stay Down, Autolux, Explosions In The Sky

January 11, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:The Thermals – Hey You:  Even though they’re about to release their seventh full length, The Thermals still sound as energetic and anthemic as ever.  Hard not to appreciate that kind of stamina.  We Disappear is due out March 25 via Saddle Creek.

:White Denim – Holda You (I’m Psycho):  I adore White Denim, so I’m more than a little excited that they’ve put together a new album.  This first single is a real jam.  Stiff is due out March 25 via Downtow Records.

:Thao And The Get Down Stay Down – Nobody Dies:  My love for Thao is pretty much entirely based on her fantastic lyrics.  However, with this track it’s actually the arrangement that has me hooked.  It moves really well.  I A Man Alive is due out March 4 via Ribbon Music.  See her at the Mohawk on April 23.

:Autolux – Change My Head:  If you found the previous Autolux single to be a bit out there, this one might bring you back around on them.  It’s essentially a lighter, more accessible version of their older stuff.  The band is expected to put out an album sometime in the spring.

:Explosions In the Sky – Disintegration Anxiety:  I spent a good chunk of time over the break lovingly revisiting Explosions In The Sky’s previous releases, so I’m going to go ahead and say I willed a new album to happen.  How nice of me, right?  Now excuse me while I wear this track out.  The Wilderness is due out April 1 via Temporary Residence LTD.

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Quickdraw: Autolux, DIIV, EMA, Michael Nau, Leon Bridges

November 23, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Autolux – Soft Scene:  Admittedly, I didn’t like this song all that much the first time I listened to it.  I prefer my Autolux to be in full shoegaze form, and this Boots-produced tune is more trip hop than anything else.  It’s grown on me a lot though.  The band will put out a new album next year via 30th Century Records.

:DIIV – Mire (Grant’s Song):  I’ve been on the fence in regards to DIIV’s other singles off of their upcoming LP, but this latest one got me.  It’s moody and noisy in all of the right ways.  Is The Is Are is due out February 5 via Captured Tracks.

:EMA – Amnesia Haze:  EMA recently did the score for a film called #Horror, and this is one of the tracks off of it.  I really dig how atmospheric it is.  The #Horror soundtrack is due out December 11.

:Michael Nau – Winter Beat:  Michael Nau was a favorite of mine back in his Page France/Cotton Jones days, and then he just sort of disappeared.  Good to have him back.  His solo debut, Mowing, is due out February 19 via Suicide Squeeze.

:Leon Bridges – So Long:  Here’s a new one that Leon Bridges did for upcoming Will Smith-movie Concussion.  It’s a very pretty-sounding slow burner.  So Long is available now on iTunes.

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