Plato III (Noah)

May 20, 2015


It’s a plus of being a music, er, recommender, that you get to not only share your taste and hopefully influence other people’s, but on occasion, you get to make a genuine heart-felt connection with someone, simply through writing. After posting about Jeremiah Jae, L’Orange and my personal relationship with rap last week, Austin’s Plato III reached out to me, with a nice personal note and a link to his song. Often times, when you get an email like this, though it’s nice to note that someone took out the time to actually try and make it seem like they weren’t a robot, you get to the music and, well, the whole thing falls apart. Not so much for Plato III. His track Natalie Portman is a mellow, almost melancholy mix of breathy, non-stop flow with a sort of stretched out, ballad beat. In the wrong hands it could be Drake-light (and that’s light), but Plato III manages to stretch and bend and mix the potent sound of his voice with the twisting moan of the beat into something subtly psychedelic. It’s romantic, but as if you’d just dropped a horse-pill of Ketamine and were trying to get your legs untangled from the sheets. If anything, it’s promising, an acknowledgement of a new artists roots in the rap game, and his intention to do what he can to put his own personal stamp on it.

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