Löwin (Single Premiere)

June 17, 2014


Photos by Emree Weaver

Over the last few months you may have noticed some of the hype I’ve been throwing in the direction of Austin’s Löwin.  The band, which consists of Sara Houser, Chris DeGeorge, Kyle Durst and Nathan Ribner, has quickly become a favorite of mine due to the winning combo of Houser’s soaring vocals and the wonderfully loud and straight up rock sound that the band as a whole churns out.  And if that wasn’t enough, they’re very clearly an act that’s only going to continue to get better.  Damn talented bastards!

Anyhow, you can start your climb onto Löwin’s bandwagon by checking out their new single, which SOTO is pumped to be premiering.  Enjoy.

:Löwin – Lobo:

See Löwin play the next SOTO PRESENTS show at the Blackheart on Friday, June 27.

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