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Show Of The Week

October 21, 2015


Another week, another great FREE show at ABGB.  Get out there this Saturday!  Pop darlings Sweet Spirit, who just put out their very solid debut LP Cokomo, are set to headline the evening.  I really love watching them play.  Also on the bill, the trash poet John Wesley Coleman III, who this week is releasing a new album titled Greatest Hits, and rockers Lowin, who just recently signed to Nine Mile Records and are currently working on new material.  Should be a rad one.  Have fun!

More recommended shows!

Blitzen Trapper, The Domestics at the Parish
Acid King, The Well at The Sidewinder

Spray Paint, Hidden Ritual, Troller, US Weekly at Hotel Vegas
Megafauna, Orange Porridge, The Boxing Lesson, Kay Odyssey, The Cuckoos at Empire Control Room
My Morning Jacket, Fruit Bats at the Austin Music Hall
Passion Pit, DJ Ruckus at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Jared Zoltar, Rachel Badger, Daniel Francis Doyle at Beerland
Gang of Four, The New Regime at the Parish
Holy Wave, Moving Panoramas, Froth, Dirty Ghosts at Hotel Vegas
Dana Falconberry, Matt the Electrician, Little Brave at the Mohawk
My Morning Jacket, Fruit Bats at the Austin Music Hall
Snoop Dogg at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Matt Pond PA, Laura Stevenson at The North Door
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires at the Mohawk
Return of Weird City at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
Lionel Richie, The Suffers at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Elton John and His Band at Austin360 Amphitheater

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Show Of The Week

June 24, 2015


Hey!  In place of the recently blog-departed Jennifer Leduc, I’m going to start recommending a show every week.  Sometimes they’ll be local, sometimes they won’t.  Either way, it’ll be something I think you should be attending.  Enjoy.

If you’re going to get out this weekend, my recommendation is to head to the Blackheart on Saturday, as there’s four interesting things going down there.  The Midgemen are celebrating the release of their new album, Hobbytown, The Sour Notes are returning from a summer tour, it’s the live debut of Suburban Slang (Ram Vela, formerly of Whitman), and Lowin will be closing out their month-long residency.  Also, and this part is key, it’s a FREE show.  If you ask me, it’s hard to beat four bands on one bill who each have an occasion to go all out for.  Be there.

Inside Stage:
12:00 – Lowin
10:40 – The Sour Notes
9:20 – Super Thief
8:00 – Les Zombies

Outside Stage:
11:20 – The Midgetmen
10:00 – Que Pasa?
8:40 – Suburban Slang

:The Midgetmen – King Kong:
:The Midgetmen – Titus Mollard:
:The Sour Notes – Do What May:
:The Sour Notes – Two Hands Wait:
:Lowin – Heave Ho:
:Lowin – Best Laid Plans:

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Stream This

April 10, 2015


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums are released, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Bop English – Constant Bop

Lowin – Royal Jelly EP
Wire – Self Titled
Calexico – Edge Of The Sun
Kathryn Calder – Self Titled
John Andrews And The Yawn – Bit By The Fang
Moon King – Secret Life
UnWed – Raise The Kids
Ava Luna – Infinite House
Alexei Shishkin – The Dog Tape
Chris Farren – Where U Are EP
Suuns And Jerusalem In My Heart – Self Titled
Avid Dancer – 1st Bath
Telepathic – Powers Of Ten EP
Cold Mallman – Everything Aflutter
Darkness Falls – Dance And Cry


Lightning Bolt

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Quickdraw: Grooms, Radical Dads, Cheatahs, Lowin, Gal Pals

January 20, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Grooms – Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair:  There’s a distinct Dismemberment Plan vibe all over this new one from Grooms, and that has me really excited about what else may be on their new album.  Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair is due out February 17 via Western Vinyl.

:Radical Dads – Don’t Go:  “Don’t you touch my dude!”  That’s the opening lyric here, and I think it’s hilarious.  As for the rest of the song, it’s high quality 90s-enthused indie rock, and I dig it.  Universal Coolers is due out February 24 via Old Flame.

:Cheatahs – Sunne:  According to the press release for this track, Cheatahs wanted a “bittersweet end-of-day feeling, as if the sun were setting” type of sound here.  Nailed it.  The Sunne EP is due out February 23 via Wichita Recordings.

:Lowin – Best Laid Plans:  Austin’s own Lowin came into existence about a year ago, and they’ve been a favorite of mine ever since.  That Sara Houser sure can sing.  Look for the band’s Royal Jelly EP on April 7.

:Gal Pals – Punisher:  Here’s a new single (the last one is here) from Gal Pals’ upcoming debut.  It’s delightfully raw and catchy as hell.  Velvet Rut is due out February 24 via Papercup Music.

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2014 Austin Essentials: Volume 1

November 24, 2014


It’s taken me a couple of weeks, but I’ve finally manged to get my 2014 Austin Essentials list all perfectly hammered out  And by perfectly hammered out, I mean “I’m pretty sure I got 91% of it right.”  Anyways, it’s 60 or so bands long and it’s divided into three volumes (part two is tomorrow, part three is on Wednesday).  In case you’re wondering, my only real “guideline” for the list was that the artist must have put out something new (no re-releases, man) in 2014.  So, get to sampling!  I hope you find some new local stuff to love.  Enjoy.

PS – For the sake of not making the list even longer, I left out super familiar names like Spoon, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Black Angels, Shakey Graves, Balmorhea, Ume, Quiet Company and I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness.

:Major Major Major – God Doesn’t Want Us:  Throughout 2014 Major Major Major have been increasingly impressive.  Their shows are a blast, and then there’s also the way the duo can’t seem to write anything that isn’t infectious.  Look out for their debut full length next year.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Abram Shook – Coastal:  I really love Abram Shook’s Sun Marquee.  The album is one of those pop efforts that’s both wonderfully crafted and super accessible.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Tele Novella – Trouble In Paradise:  Tele Novella spent much of the year further establishing themselves (singles, videos, lots of shows), and I think 2015 is now set to be a big one for them.  Jump on the bandwagon now.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Dead Space – Behind The Wall:  The Dead Space’s Faker is probably my favorite Austin album of 2014.  It’s a fantastic collection of post-punk tracks.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Magna Carda – Every Weekend (Featuring Olivia Applegate):  Magna Carda are no longer just one of the best hip hop acts in Austin, they’re one of the city’s best overall acts.  Here soon they’re releasing an album, and I can’t wait to check it out.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Dana Falconberry – Palmless:  Dana Falconberry and Jim Eno (from Spoon) crafted this song together for a Record Store Day release.  I want a lot more of the same.  Please.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Borrisokane – God Doesn’t Want Us (Major Major Major Cover):  Borrisokane’s Versus Project (a box set that features them and a variety of guests doing covers and original tunes) is probably the most ambitious thing that popped out of Austin in 2014.  Check it out if you haven’t.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Wrapped:  Neon is the name of Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ latest (and maybe final?) album.  You should pick it up just so that you can own a physical copy of this absolutely stellar song.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Summer Salt – Sweet To Me:  Phil and Eugene (from the now defunct Yum) are two-thirds of Summer Salt, a retro pop act with a knack for providing rather hooky, breezy tracks.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Otis The Destroyer – You’re The Wealth:  The Couch are no more, but that’s OK because some of its former members started the equally loud and glorious Otis The Destroyer.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Equals – Glistener:  If you’re a fan of instrumental rock, then Equals’ Tracts is an album that you need to seek out.  I’ve been jamming it for most of the year.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:BLXPLTN – Start Fires:  With music that’s all at once danceable, mosh-worthy and inspired,  BLXPLTN are an Austin band that has dominated in 2014.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Future Death – Basements:  Future Death play like maybe there really won’t be a tomorrow, and I like that.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Genuine Leather – The Enemy:  For those of you that love clever pop tunes, there’s the Genuine Leather album Losers.  Snatch it up.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Phil Ajjarapu – Sing Along Until You Feel Better:  SOTO’s own Jennifer made sure I included Phil Ajjarapu on the list, and it’s not hard to see why – the guy has some really good pop songs in his repertoire.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Lowin – Heave Ho:  Sara Houser’s soaring voice is now front and center in her own band (and no longer as part of The Couch), and the results so far have been pretty great.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:SHMU – She’s Leaving:  Sam Chown, who is also one half of Zorch, is the man behind SHMU.  Give the guy a listen if you like experimental electronic pop.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Pompeii – Blueprint:  After a solid five years or so, Pompeii finally rallied up a new album.  Loom, if you ask me, is fantastic and totally ended up being worth the wait.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Growl – Jackie:  I don’t remember many local music convos this year where someone didn’t excitedly bring up Growl.  This song is from a compilation, but you should also spend some time with the band’s EP, No Years, that was put out back in January.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Crooked Bangs – Ce Type:  This year Crooked Bangs put out this attitude-laced gem (it’s from a split with Houston’s Secret Prostitutes) and played Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Solid.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

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Löwin (Single Premiere)

June 17, 2014


Photos by Emree Weaver

Over the last few months you may have noticed some of the hype I’ve been throwing in the direction of Austin’s Löwin.  The band, which consists of Sara Houser, Chris DeGeorge, Kyle Durst and Nathan Ribner, has quickly become a favorite of mine due to the winning combo of Houser’s soaring vocals and the wonderfully loud and straight up rock sound that the band as a whole churns out.  And if that wasn’t enough, they’re very clearly an act that’s only going to continue to get better.  Damn talented bastards!

Anyhow, you can start your climb onto Löwin’s bandwagon by checking out their new single, which SOTO is pumped to be premiering.  Enjoy.

:Löwin – Lobo:

See Löwin play the next SOTO PRESENTS show at the Blackheart on Friday, June 27.

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April 3, 2014


For those of you who don’t call Austin home, here’s the lowdown on a little band that was once known as The Couch – they rocked, they parted ways, and now the world has Otis The Destroyer and today’s focus, Löwin.  Lead by Sara Houser (and her soaring vocals), the act is full on rock n’ roll, the kind of stuff that’s meant to be blasted at nothing less than full volume.  Their single awaits you below.  Enjoy.

:Löwin – Heave Ho:

The band is expected to release an EP at some point this summer.  You can see Löwin make their live debut at Empire Control Room this Sunday.

Bonus Video:

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