Dum Dum Girls

August 2, 2012


There’s hardly been a span of time over the last couple of years where the Dum Dum Girls haven’t been pushing a new release.  They really put in a lot of effort, and I salute them for it.  On September 25 the band will present to the world a new EP via Sub Pop titled End Of Daze.  You can check out a track off of it just below.  Enjoy.

:Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows:  There’s a good chance that this has instantly become my favorite Dum Dum Girls track.  Band main brain Dee Dee sounds absolutely impeccable here, and I love the glimmering arrangement that so badly wants to make you pour over the song’s sad lyrics in a dark corner somewhere.  I hope I get to hear this live very soon.

Bonus Video:

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