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Quickdraw: Titus Andronicus, Dirty Ghosts, La Luz, Air Waves, Beach House

July 2, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Titus Andronicus – Fired Up:  Yesterday Titus Andronicus dropped a short film and this anthemic track.  At this point I don’t see how anyone could be anything less than absolutely pumped for their new album.  The Most Lamentable Tragedy is due out July 28 via Merge.

:Dirty Ghosts – Cataract:  It’s been a while since Dirty Ghosts have put out anything.  Good to see that the band is still kicking.  This new track sounds in line with the catchy, driving dance punk tunes that filled 2012′s Metal Moon.  I approve.  The Cataract EP is due out July 24 via Burger.

:La Luz – Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere:  This is the latest single from La Luz’s sophomore LP, and I think it’s a delightful listen.  I fully expect Weirdo Shrine to be fantastic.  It’s due out August 7 via Hardly Art.  See them at the Mohawk on August 15.

:Air Waves – Milky Way:  For the last couple of days I’ve been all about this pleasant tune from Air Waves.  Nicole Schneit has a very inviting voice that plays well with the song’s endearing hook – “hold me, don’t let me go”  Parting Glances is due out September 18 via Western Vinyl.

:Beach House – Sparks:  Beach House are back and sounding particularly bummed out.  Hooray!  By the way, you should most definitely slap on a good pair of headphones for this.  Depression Cherry is due out August 28 via Sub Pop.

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Quickdraw: Desaparecidos, Sweet John Bloom, Sweet Spirit And Britt Daniel, Annabel, La Luz

May 18, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Desaparecidos – Backsell:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, returning to Desaparecidos is the best (and most inspired) thing that Conor Oberst has done in years.  Unsurprisingly, this latest single rips.  Payola is due out June 23 via Epitaph.

:Sweet John Bloom – Night Thing:  I really dig this 90s-ish bit of power pop from Sweet John Bloom.  As I’ve mentioned previously, their debut LP could end up being a really good one.  Weird Prayer is due out in June via Tiny Engines.

:Sweet Spirit And Britt Daniel – Paper Tiger:  This juiced up Spoon cover is the b-side to the one-off track that Sweet Spirit and Britt Daniel did together.  It really makes me want the two acts to join up for much more.  You can find the 7″ at Spoon/Sweet Spirit shows.

:Annabel – Having It All:  Here’s another transfixing single from the emo-leaning Annabel.  I will surprised and disappointed if their upcoming album doesn’t end up on my best-of list at the end of the year.  Having It All is due out in June via Tiny Engines.

:La Luz – You Disappear:  Ty Segall produced this new one from La Luz.  It’s a fuzzy three and a half minute surf pop effort that’s completely inviting and accessible.  Jump into it.  Weirdo Shrine is due out August 7 via Hardly Art.

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Quickdraw: Action Bronson, Lightning Dust, Jonathan Rado, La Luz, Poolside

June 10, 2013


Today’s music didn’t mean what it said.  Enjoy.

:Action Bronson – The Rockers (Featuring Wiz Khalifa):  The collaboration between Action Bronson and producer Harry Fraud is one that totally approve of.  Strictly 4 My Jeeps is a fun song, and now there’s this “slow-burning” gem to go along with it.  The duo’s Saab Stories EP is due out tomorrow.

:Lightning Dust – Loaded Gun:  Some of you probably don’t agree, but I love that Lightning Dust decided to go synth-heavy on the new album.  I mean, just listen to this track!  It’s a straight up anthem, which they never could have pulled off before.  Fantasy is due out June 25 via Jagjaguwar.

:Jonathan Rado – Faces:  Foxygen has really just started getting things going, so it’s interesting to me that their frontman is already strolling out with a solo project.  Guess we’ll see how it goes.  I think this song is pretty solid.  Law And Order is expected in September via Woodsist.

:La Luz – Brainwash:  I’ve long been a sucker for lady-lead retro pop, so me instantly falling in love with this song shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Seattle’s La Luz is all set to release the Brainwash 7″ on July 16 through Suicide Squeeze.  If you’re in Austin, they play Hotel Vegas on July 5.

:Poolside – If We Make It:  This is such a fantastic track.  It features a big, refreshing sound, and I really dig it.  Poolside are set to put out a new full length later this year, but for now you can find this song on the Scion 10 Music Series Release compilation.

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Quickdraw: Purity Ring, Big Deal, La Luz, White Fence, Youth Lagoon

February 19, 2013


Today’s music would like to show you the world.  Enjoy.

:Purity Ring – Grammy (Soulja Boy Cover):  I’m not all a fan of Soulja Boy, but somehow he keeps finding his way onto my site.  Weird.  Anyhow, this cover has instantly become a huge guilty pleasure for me.  Blast it, friends.  This track was released to promote Purity Ring’s upcoming tour.  See the dates here.

:Big Deal – Teradactol:  While I liked last year’s Lights Out, I thought it had a variety of moments where it could have used a bigger sound.  This single says Big Deal felt the same way, and now I’m excited to check out their sophomore effort.  June Gloom is due June 4 via Mute.

:La Luz – Call Me In The Day:  The fancy folks over at Burger Records have a release schedule for February that includes 16 cassettes from a wide range of artists.  This song is off La Luz’s Damp Face EP (currently available), and it’s one hell of a charming, hooky pop number.

:White Fence – Pink Gorilla:  Prefer your psych rock to be accessible and laced with catchy retro vocals?  Then I think you’re going to really dig this new White Fence track.  Cyclops Reap is due out April 9 via Castleface.  The band is also set to play Psych Fest on April 28.

:Youth Lagoon – Mute:  I think it’s safe to say that Youth Lagoon can currently lay claim to having one of the year’s most anticipated albums.  Dropla was a great song, and now there’s this swirling gem.  Wondrous Bughouse is due March 5 via Fat Possum.

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