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Blanco, Husalah & Kokane (Noah)

June 18, 2014


Whenever I sit down to scribble some barely intelligible thoughts about music for John Laird and this here amazing site, I have to sit and think for a while. You know, think about what music from the Yay Area is really crack-a-lacking right now, what music fits my ever expanding brand-empire, you know the important stuff. Today though, as I was rolling to the dog park bumping some seriously loud hip-hop in my fresh-washed Volkswagen, I thought, “What if I threw caution out the window today? What if I just typed in Bay Area hip-hop, clicked the first link, and selected the first song on that first website?” You know like real gangster style. Real spontaneous style. Noah Sanders, the Motherf’n Spontaneous Gangster of Side One Track One. And that’s just what I did. I ended up on (yeah Thizzler!) with the newest EP from local upstarts Blanco, Husalah, and Kokane blasting from my totally thugged out Mac Air. And guess what everyone? It’s really fucking good! I was thinking we might end up with a sweaty fat guy slow-talking over a bunch of triple-snares, but instead you get three very talented, very unique hip-hop artistes, rapping their asses off over a collection of beats that range from rain-drop sadness to grinding, Hendrix solos. The entire album is a treat, start to finish, and best off, it proves my point that randomly picking things off the internet is still the best way to do anything. Next time: the Spontaneous Gangster of Side One Track One types Bay Area Christian Music into Google. Be there!

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