Raised Eyebrows: 2017 RIP (Randy)

November 17, 2017


Before the holidays kick in, I wanted to take a moment here to look back on the incredible artists that we have lost in 2017. 2016 hit hard with Bowie and Prince, and 2017 did not let up. Here are a small group of musical artists who each found their own unique space within this dimension we inhabit. We’re all better as a people for their contributions.

Tom Petty

This one man was able to intelligently say so much with very few words and my god could he write a bridge.

Walter Becker

The run from Countdown to Ecstasy to Gaucho is nothing short of amazing.

Chuck Berry

His solos always started straight but could get pretty fried towards their end. This man stands at the very front of the rock n’ roll line.

Maggie Roche

One of the greatest altos of the underground.

Larry Coryell

The lead man when it comes to fusion guitar. One of the heaviest rock/outsider guitarists ever.

Fats Domino

Swamp/Choogle pianist extraordinaire.

Glen Campbell

This man deserves his own constellation. His contributions as a solo artist and session musician are just BEYOND.

Grant Hart

Husker Du drummer and insane-o talented songwriter.

Fred Cole

Dead Moon were a powerful lo-fi force unmatched by any other psych/garage throwback outfit during or since.

Gregg Allman

“Dreams” by The Allmans is an all-timer for me. That voice and that leslie tone!

Chris Cornell

Soundgarden was a big band in my youth. Superunkown and Badmotorfinger differentiated the band as something darker than their contemporaries. Much of it had to do with the voice of Cornell.


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  1. Jay Says:

    Kudos for including Glen Campbell on the list.


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