Julien Baker

January 9, 2017


Hey all!  SOTO is back!  Just one particular thing to note here as the year gets going – I’m not going to be posting mp3s anymore.  After I put up my Top 50 Songs of 2016 list I received double digit DMCA takedown notices, and it was rather alarming.  So, I’m just going to stick to whatever streaming service is initially used by the artists, and then you guys can rip the songs yourselves (it is very very easy).  Word?

Alright, time for some Julien Baker.  This super talented young lady put out a great album, Sprained Ankle, in 2015 (one that I somewhat slept on and didn’t really get into until last year because I’m silly), and now she’s found her way to Matador’s roster.  The label will be reissuing the album for international audiences on March 17, and then for the US on that day they’ll be putting out a 7″ with an official version of Funeral Pyre, which is a great track that Julien has been playing live for a while.  Check it out below.  Enjoy.

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