101X Homegrown Podcast

January 9, 2017


So, I’ve been hosting 101X Homegrown for a while, but I’ve left the podcast posts to just the 101x page.  Figured I’d also put them here in 2017.  For those of you that don’t know, 101X Homegrown is a show I host every Sunday at 9pm CST on 101.5.  It largely covers Austin-based acts (and a tinge of those from other parts in Texas).  Here’s the first show of 2017!  It’s got some new tunes and plenty of gig recommendations for this week.  Enjoy.

Black Books – Favorite Place
My Jerusalem – Rabbit Rabbit
Fort Never – Don’t Push Me Away
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Wrapped
The Midnight Stroll – Heartbreak Bugaloo
(NEW) Ty Richards – Going Out For A Cigarette
(NEW) Solid State Dream Suit – Nervous
Black Joe Lewis – PTP
Hard Proof – Stinger
Shivery Shakes – Hold On
(NEW) Tres Oui – Prince Of Pop
(NEW) Pollen RX – Sunbelt Emptiness
Growl – Won’t You
The Dizzease – Sticky Hand


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