Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

January 15, 2016


With the New Year brings a new round of Death. Whether we are talking Bowie, Rickman or Lemmy, some of my favorite actors and rock icons have passed away the last couple weeks and it’s left me with a backward outlook on this virginal year of 2016. Death is a part of life, there is no Death there is the force, Death is a prick, whatever your cliché when you feel the sting of doom telling you to stop smoking and eating too many tacos doesn’t quell the disdain in our charred souls.

The only thing that ever made any difference to me? Reflecting on my music collection, diving in neck deep into the most depressing or at least the most representative tunes that breach my cold heart to help soothe the need to burn shit down and lash out at the world for being unfair. Yeah, we’re all gonna die, even you, in fact, you’re dying right now, if you aren’t already dead inside. Here is my list of tunes about our inevitable best friend Death and the power it holds. Maybe February will be love songs?

:Acid Bath – New Death Sensation:
:Strait Up – Angels’ Son:
:Amon Amarth – Embrace Of The Endless Ocean:
:Slayer – Spirit In Black:
:Carcass – Death Certificate:
:Pantera – Death Rattle:
:Death – Open Casket:
:Opeth – The Funeral Portrait:
:Iron Maiden – Heaven Can Wait:
:Neurosis – Away:
:Metallica – Fade to Black:

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