Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

May 1, 2015


I run a metal radio station called NO CONTROL Radio, and as part of that three years ago I had a friend of mine Metalmaster Steve, as he is known, start up a show that plays nothing but Christian metal, Faster for the Master. I know for some that may seem a little strange that Christian values and metal can exist in the same world, but there is a very long standing tradition of the two co-mingling since the early days of extreme metal in the 80s. I won’t try to give you a history lesson of anything, but I wanted to layout some tunes for you this month that spotlighted what my friend has been doing and what that side of the genre can bring.

Most of the time I am in league with Satan, and the majority of metalheads would probably stand with me in that regard, which is another reason the fans and bands who stand for their values are truly metal, standing in the face of opposition, contradictory to the norms that surround them and giving the finger to those who oppose them. So this month I give you a playlist of bands who stand with God in their corner. Enjoy! And Congrats Steve on three years!

:August Burns Red – Internal Cannon:
:Trouble – Pray for the Dead:
:Deliverance – Windows Of The Soul:
:Tourniquet – Ark of Suffering:
:Demon Hunter – Lead Us Home:
:The Famine – The Crown and the Holy See:
:Extol – Wastelands:
:Stryper – To Hell With The Devil:
:For Today – Fearless:
:Norma Jean – The Potter Has No Hands:
:Haster the Day – White Collar:
:Living Sacrifice – Awakening:
:Impending Doom – Doomsday:

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