Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

February 6, 2015


Few months garner the type of pleasure that February brings with such a special holiday like Valentine’s Day. No other holiday can match the selfless devotion to love and relationships the way one day, nay the entire month of February. So in the spirit of such an important day in your life, I assembled a very special list of metal songs that reflect the hard as nails love that every metalhead has tattooed on their blackened heart. Songs not only to dance, caress and canoodle too, but songs that will make you crave your love like a junkie craves their next hit, and possibly contemplate violence against small animals. So kick back, share those earbuds with that beautiful pierced prince or princess and maybe make a little love tonight …

:Cannibal Corpse – Fucked With a Knife:
:Type O Negative – Love You To Death:
:Converge – Heaven In Her Arms:
:The Beards – You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man:
:Faith No More – Be Aggressive:
:Strapping Young Lad -  Love:
:Gorerotted – Can’t Fit Her Limbs In the Fridge:
:Six Feet Under -  What Do You Do For Money Honey:
:Judas Priest – Ram It Down:
:Rollins Band – Liar:
:Killswitch Engage – The End Of Heartache:
:Pantera – This Love:

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