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The Vale (Noah)

August 13, 2014


There is a decidedly picnic feel to Marissa Deitz and Chace Wall’s The Vale. As if the recently married duo had packed themselves a lunch of hard cheeses and crusty bread and set off to some provincial hill looking down over the streets of San Francisco. Or perhaps, as they mounted their ancestral horse and carriage a wall of ominous looking clouds settled in front of the sun and the light peaks of Deitz’s voice seemed to gain an air of melancholy. But just as they arrived, rain battering their windows, the sun and the harp-like guitar and the folksy bit of melody, suddenly burst through the storm. Somebody might’ve said something about “angels.” There’s a delicate nature to the music of The Vale, an almost lace-like combination of folk and pop and even a hint of classical that somehow manages to cling together, sweet and simple and absolutely beautiful.

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