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Show Of The Week

April 6, 2016


If you’re only going to rally up for one show this week, make sure it’s for Empty Markets at Hotel Vegas on Friday.  They’ll be there to ring in the release of their new album, Stainless Steel, and they’ll be joined by three other rad punk acts – Spray Paint, Ghetto Ghouls and False Idol.  Trust me when I say you won’t find a better show in town this week.  Don’t miss it.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- OBN IIIs, Marriage at Barracuda
- Into It. Over It., The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, The Sidekicks, Pinegrove at the Parish

- Milezo, Particle Devotion, Concrete Robot, Ooni (formerly Crocodile) at the Mohawk
- Magna Carda, Keeper, Tank Washington, The Bishops at the Parish

- Empty Markets, Spray Paint, Ghetto Ghouls, False Idol at Hotel Vegas
- Booher, My Golden Calf, All in the Golden Afternoon, The Cuckoos at The Swan Dive
- TV Girl, Children of Pop, High Church, Wez at Cheer Up Charlies
- Dr. Dog, Shakey Graves, Son Little at Stubb’s
- Lissie, Skrizzly Adams at Emo’s

- The Cave Singers, Draemhouse at The Sidewinder
- Bad Lovers, Lake of Fire, Atlantic Thrills, DJs Burger Pie & Tooter at Hotel Vegas
- Dr. Dog, Shakey Graves, Son Little at Stubb’s
- Shmu, Knifight, Botany, Foot Patrol, Daniel Francis Doyle, BLXPLTN, Gossamer Frontier, Toast Party at Cheer Up Charlies

- The Rich Hands, Ex-Legionnaires, Pleasure Venom, Que Pasa? at Barracuda
- M83, Yacht at Stubb’s
- Darkbird at Stubb’s
- Frankie Cosmos, Eskimeaux, Anna McClellan at The Sidewinder

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Show Of The Week

February 24, 2016


There are so many great shows set to happen this week that I couldn’t narrow them down to just one particular recommendation.  I did, however, get my list cut to two.  My first selection is this Friday at Sidewinder, where the great Protomartyr will be joined by two of Austin’s finest punk acts – Spray Paint and Xetas.  The second gig is Saturday at Barracuda, where post-punk extraordinaires Mind Spiders are headlining a bill that also includes Manhunt, Jared Leibowich (The Zoltars) and Endless Youth.  Go to both and get more high quality rock than you probably deserve.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- The Halfways, Sho Galago at Hotel Vegas
- “Witness: An Evening of Music, Photographs and Stories from Pre-War Syria” with Jason Hamacher

- White Denim at Beerland
- Protextor, Secret Levels, Dat Boy Supa, Muggzy Flows at Barracuda
- Radiation City, Deep Sea Diver at The Sidewinder
- Lomelda, Julia Lucille, Claire Morales, Dwight Smith, Cowboy Crisis at Hotel Vegas
- Young Mammals, Loteria, Muah, Dude Elsberry at the Hole in the Wall
- MUTEMATH, Nothing But Thieves at Emo’s

- Jonly Bonly, The Sheiks, John Wesley Coleman, Jean, Street Dads at Hotel Vegas
- Holy Wave , Hidden Ritual, Tele Novella, Lake of Fire, Typical Girls, Al Lover at Barracuda
- MCG, Summer Salt, Alex Napping, Lomelda, Moji at Cheer Up Charlies
- Golden Dawn Arkestra, Riders Against the Storm, Heart and Soul Soundsystem DJs at the Mohawk
- Chipper Jones/Chris Lopez, Wire Nest, Tidals at the Mohawk

- Golden Dawn Arkestra, Annabelle Chairlegs, Dallas Acid, The Sun Machine, DJ Chiquita Bombita at the Mohawk
- Lochness Mobsters, Adult Books, Rotten Mangos, Mean Jolene at Hotel Vegas

- Big Bill at End of an Ear

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2014 Austin Essentials: Volume 2

November 25, 2014

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Hey!  Here we are with the second volume of my 2014 Austin Essentials.  Dive in.  But don’t tire yourself out, as there’s still a third volume coming your way tomorrow.  Enjoy.

:Alex Napping – Weak Knees:  Alex Napping popped out of nowhere this year and instantly impressed.  Their debut, This Is Not A Bedroom, is the kind of introspective indie pop that college me listened to too much of.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Hundred Visions – You’re Gonna Cut Me Loose:  The fuzzy garage rock ways of Hundred Visions have been on point in 2014.  You’d be crazy not to check out their sophomore album, Spite.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Flesh Lights – Just About Due:  My passive appreciation of the punk trio Flesh Lights ended with Free Yourself.  The album features some great songwriting.  And it rocks.  If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Sweet Spirit – Let Me Be On Top:  It was a bummer when Bobby Jealousy called it quits, but at least Sabrina Ellis, who is one of Austin’s most dynamic performers, quickly landed on her feet in Sweet Spirit.  Eventually the band will officially release an album and make the world a better place.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Shivery Shakes – Hold On:  Shivery Shakes put out their debut full length, Three Waves & A Shake, this year.  You pretty much have to listen to it if you consider yourself a fan of indie pop.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Gentlemen Rogues – Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All:  Jennifer, SOTO’s purveyor of local music, was adamant that this slice of power pop from Gentleman Rogues make the cut.  Look out for a new album from the band soon.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Grape St. – Wallpaper:  Last year Grape St. released the excellent A Date With You, and just recently they followed it up with the equally fantastic Free Stuff EP.  The band just can’t miss!  They’re a must-listen for fans of jangly garage rock.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Sour Notes – Cutthroat:  Earlier this year The Sour Notes put out a really solid album (their fifth overall) by the name of Do What May.  It’s worth your time if you dig hooky indie rock.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Ramesh – The King:  For those of you that don’t know, Ramesh was once a part of Voxtrot.  His debut solo album, The King, is a well crafted alt pop effort that features a lot of great vocal work.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Coeds – Sensitive Boys:  I haven’t seen Coeds play and this is the only song of theirs I’ve heard, but that’s not stopping me from being into the duo.  Make a note to keep an eye on them and their synthy ways once 2015 rolls around.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Young Tongue – Heavy Metal Thunder:  Once known as The Baker Family, Young Tongue have a sound that’s a pleasant mixture of indie rock and pop.  Recently they released an album titled Death Rattle.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Jess Williamson – Snake Song:  Jess Williamson spent 2014 fully establishing herself as one of the best singer/songwriters in Austin.  If you haven’t already checked out her album, Native State, then you should do yourself a favor and seek it out ASAP.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:A. Sinclair – Shiny Things:  Indie rockers A. Sinclair (formerly known as Frank Smith) had a nice year.  They signed with Dangerbird Records and churned out a good album, Pretty Girls, for all to indulge in.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Boyfrndz – Design:  When it comes to experimental rock in Austin, not many can compete with Boyfrndz.  Their sophomore LP, Breeder, is a daunting, but rad listen.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:OBN IIIs – No Time For The Blues:  OBN IIIs are a loud, good ole fashioned rock n’ roll band, and their latest release, Third Time To Harm, is further proof that you should be giving them all of your attention. Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Spray Paint – Rest Versus Rust:  Many would argue that Spray Paint are Austin’s premiere punk act, and I think I’d have to agree.  Their album, Clean Blood, Regular Acid, is one you need to hear.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Polio Club – Poison The Well (Demo):  I just recently came across Polio Club, and I’ve already pretty much worn out the demos on their Bandcamp page.  I’m looking forward to whatever is the post-punk act decides to do in 2015.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Wolf – In Waves:  SOTO’s own Dan said that I should include psych-rockers The Wolf.  He’s apparently a big fan of the noisy, distortion-filled sound that’s all over their latest release, Ride.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Christian Bland And The Revelators – Brian Wilson:  Back in September Christian Bland (of The Black Angels) released his third album, The Unseen Green Obscene.  Naturally, it’s a gloriously hazy psych rock experience.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Scuare – Mind States:  SOTO’s own hip hop expert Leah recently recommended Scuare to me, and he’s been firmly on my radar ever since.  This song in particular is pretty fantastic.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

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Stream This

September 19, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums come out, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Perfume Genius – Too Bright

Alex Napping – This Is Not A Bedroom
Spray Paint – Clean Blood, Regular Acid
S – Cool Choices
Whirr – Sway
Terry Malts – Insides EP
Dntel – Human Voice
Foxes In Fiction – Ontario Gothic
Tweedy – Sukierae
Mr. Twin Sister – Self Titled
King Tuff – Black Moon Spell
Sondre Lerche – Please
Alt-J – This Is All Yours
Black Moth – Condemned To Hope
Erasure – The Violent Flame
Suicide Year – Remembrance
Youth Code – A Place To Stand
The Aislers Set – The Last Match
Goat – Commune
Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems
Mapei – Hey Hey
Weird Wombs – Laziness EP
Pink Frost – Traitors EP
Teach Me Equals – Knives In The Hope Chest
Redinho – Self Titled
Roz And The Rice Cakes – Need To Feed


The Raveonettes

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Spray Paint (Dan)

August 20, 2014


Spray Paint are an Austin based no wave punk band that draws comparisons to The Fall, Wire, Gang of Four and early Sonic Youth. The trio, Cory Plump and George Dishner on guitars with Chris Stephenson on drums, are local music vets having played in such bands as When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, Dikes of Holland and Expensive Shit.

Since forming in early 2012, Spray Paint have attracted considerable attention for its distinctive style. In 2013 they released not one but TWO full albums, each of which received considerable and well deserved praise. The band also played a number of high profile shows like Fun Fun Fun Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Gonerfest, and SXSW while also touring with the equally brilliant Protomartyr.

In a few months the band flies to Europe for their first international tour in support of their new album, Clean Blood, Regular Acid. The record will be available via Monofonus Press on September 23. The album maintains their trademark noisey but melodic post-punk sound as evidenced by the first single, Rust Versus Rust. It’s a droney, panicky track with shouty vocals and nervy guitar. It’s unlike any other track I’ve heard in some time and easily one of the year’s best.

For those in the Austin area, you have two upcoming chances to see Spray Paint live – 8/23 at Beerland and/or 9/19 at Hotel Vegas. Don’t miss out.

:Spray Paint – Rest Versus Rust:
:Spray Paint – Drive By Feeling:

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Quickdraw: NehruvianDOOM, Joanna Gruesome, Alex Napping, Spray Paint, Black Milk

July 28, 2014

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Music!  Enjoy.

:NehruvianDOOM – OM:  DOOM is quite possibly my favorite rapper ever, so I was all in for his collaboration with Bishop Nehru before I even listened to this song.  Thankfully, it turned out to be as rad as I figured it would be.  NehruvianDOOM will release their self titled effort on September 23 via Lex/Noizy Cricket.

:Joanna Gruesome – Jerome (Liar):  Here’s an infectious little gem from Joanna Gruesome.  They’re quickly becoming one of my favorite pop acts, and I hope a new full length isn’t too far off.  The band’s split 12″ with Trust Fund is due out September 23 via HHBTM Records.

:Alex Napping – Weak Knees:  If I were to make a list of new Austin bands that I’m really excited about, Alex Napping would land somewhere near the top of it – they just have such an overwhelmingly compelling sound.  Trust me when I say you’re going to dig their upcoming album.  Look for This Is Not A Bedroom to be released on September 23 via Punctum Records.

:Spray Paint – Rest Versus Rust:  Spray Paint are an act that folks in Austin have rightfully been buzzing about for a while now.  Just a heads up, they’re not exactly the kind of band you casually listen to, so you either have to fully commit to them or just get the hell out of the way.   Clean Blood, Regular Acid will be released on September 23 via Monofonus Press.

:Black Milk – Detroit’s New Dance Show:  I love Black Milk.  The guy never does anything twice, and I just really appreciate how dedicated he is to constantly shifting his sound.  This one-off effort is a catchy thumper, so be sure to crank the volume when you hit play.  BM’s next album is tentatively titled If There’s A Hell Below.  This song may or may not be on it.

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