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Stream This

February 21, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ St. Vincent – Self TItled

Yellow Ostrich – Cosmos
Beck – Morning Phase
Tacocat – NVM
Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt
Neneh Cherry – Blank Project
The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There
Magic Touch – Palermo House Gang
Mozes And The Firstborn – Self Titled
Vertical Scratchers – Daughters Of Everything
The Notwist – Close To The Glass
Honduras – Morality Cuts EP
Mythological Horses – Self Titled


Perfect Pussy

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Stream This

July 26, 2013


The SOTO inbox is always full of cool stuff that never gets to see the light of day on the actual site, and I’d like to change that.  So, every Friday I’ll be posting the best album streams and videos that were sent my way during the week.  Take a scroll and find something worth remembering.


Bad Cop – Light On EP
Kid Karate – Lights Out EP
The Mallard – Finding Meaning In Deference
Rainbow Chan – Long Vacation EP


Quasi will put out Mole City on October 1 via Kill Rock Stars.

Hanni El Khatib’s Head In The Dirt is out now on Innovative Leisure.

Static Jacks will release In Blue on October 1 via Old Friends Records.

Fiona Apple put out The Idler Wheel last year.

King Khan And The Shrines will release Idle No More on September 3 via Merge.

Tree will release the Demons EP on August 13 via Apollo Records.

Volcano Choir will put out Repave on September 3 via Jagjaguwar.

Washed Out is set to release Paracosm on August 13 via Sub Pop.

Franz Ferdinand’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is due August 27 via Domino.

The Uncluded recently put out Hokey Fright.

Holy Ghost will release Dynamics on September 10 via DFA.

Johan Hedberg will release a full length on Labrador later this year.

Shark Week will put out the Santurce 7″ on July 30 via Analog Edition Records.

White Prism’s self titled EP is out now.

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Quickdraw: Chvrches, TV Girl, Smith Westerns, Pure Bathing Culture, Shark Week

May 28, 2013


Today’s music ain’t got no time for that.  Enjoy.

:Chvrches – Gun:  I’m not sure this if is a better single than Recover or The Mother We Share, but it’s certainly dancier than those two songs combined.  Try not to pull anything, OK?  Chvrches are all set to release the Gun single on July 15 via Virgin/Goodbye.

:TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed:  While browsing the web completely hungover and thinking I might die, I came across this new song from TV Girl.  It made things better.  They’re such a good pop act.  The band will put out the Lonely Woman EP on June 18 via their Bandcamp page.

:Smith Westerns – 3AM Spiritual:  As is always the case with the Smith Westerns, this is a song with a really pretty sound.  I recommend headphones just so you can hear all of its glorious little details.  Soft Will is all set to be released on June 25 through Mom + Pop.

:Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum:  I wasn’t exactly a fan of this track when I first gave it a listen, but it’s grown on me as I’ve spent more time with it.  Just took me a bit to appreciate how well crafted it is, I suppose.  Moon Tides is due out August 20 via Partisan.

:Shark Week – Go West:  Here’s a new single from a band that played SOTO’s SXSW day party, DC VS Austin.  It’s got a spaghetti western thing going on that I really dig.  The band is set to put out the Santurce 7″ on July 30 via Analog Edition Records.

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America Hearts, Shark Week, Bella Russia (Dan)

February 13, 2013


Hard to believe, but SXSW is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be roaming the mobbed streets going from show to show, drinking too much, eating way too many tacos, and slowly developing a debilitating case of the SXSW flu which will put you out of work for another week. There truly is no greater time of year than SXSW.

In preparation for the big week I’ve been scouting out bands from my old stomping grounds, Washington, DC. The city is chock full of great but little known bands, so I wanted to share a few so that you can get on their bandwagons early. First up is America Hearts which specializes in sparse but catchy indie-folk. They play songs that worm their way into your brain and have you humming throughout the day. Train Tracks illustrates songwriter Jess Matthews’ knack for simple but evocative lyrics. Listening to the song you can’t help but think of someone that you once loved “like the train loves the tracks.”

:America Hearts – Train Tracks:

I don’t know much about Shark Week other than they are an official SXSW selection and that they have an awesome name. They also have a undeniable surf rock meets garage rock sound and reports out of DC is they put on one hell of a live show. The band recently put out a three song EP that I’ve been listening to Spotify on a daily basis. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

:Shark Week – Get High:

Bella Russia is an avant-indie experimental instrumental which is set to release their debut EP this month. They recently contributed a track to Rainbow Arcade, a compilation in which each band involved only had three hours to record a song. Nocturne In Blue & Gold is the only song I’ve heard from the group, but based on this one track, I’m all in. I love a good instrumental band, especially one that pairs an amazing rhythm section with just the right amount of guitar work. Listen to the track and you realize these guys have serious potential. I’m very excited to hear they are making the trek to Texas for SXSW.

:Bella Russia – Nocturne In Blue And Gold:

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