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Mind Spiders, Markov (Dan)

September 18, 2013


Mind Spiders are back with their third LP in as many years. On October 8 they will release Inhumanistic on Dirtnap Records. Their two previous releases, a self-titled LP and Meltdown, were highly lauded, and Inhumanistic is sure to draw much acclaim as well. The band, lead by Mark Ryan (Marked Men), have scaled back from six members to just four, but they have certainly not lost any of their energy or creativity. They continue to explore science fiction themes in short, brilliant bursts as exemplified by the first single off the new record, Make Make Make Make.

:Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make:

An Austin band I’ve admired over the past four years is calling it quits … maybe. Markov is going on indefinite hiatus and their set on Friday night at Red 7 is being billed as their last. The band has a fervent, frantic, and furious style that’s a mix between Fugazi and At The Drive-In. In other words, they’re pretty great. So head out to Red 7 on Friday and pour one out for Markov! Also on the bill are Phantom Lakes,  Pswingset, and Bad Chapters.

:Markov – Warm Arms:

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Markov (Dan)

August 29, 2012


Ever have one of those shitty mornings that instantly gets turned around with a single email or text? That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when I was sent a link to the new EP from Markov. The Austin band put out their excellent debut, This Quiet, back in 2010, and it’s still a favorite of mine. That release featured clamorous and unruly post-punk reminiscent of beloved Dischord bands such as Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses, and Jawbox. And like many of those DC bands from the early 90’s, Markov plays a noisy and potent mixture of hardcore, punk, and art rock. I have to admit I had lost track of the band, which is why I was so excited to hear they had new material.

Markov is officially back with The Flatlands EP, which picks up where This Quiet left off. The EP is packed with sharp tracks layered with edgy and angular guitar. The thunderous rhythm section adds muscle to each song and is a perfect counterbalance to some seriously impressive guitar work. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what they are singing about, but I love the screaming, frantic, and passionate vocal delivery. The singer has a voice made for rock and roll.

Markov is throwing an official release show for The Flatlands EP this Friday at RED 7 where they’ll share the stage with American Sharks, Wet Lungs, and The Bronx. It’s sure to be a raucous show, and I can think of no better way to start the weekend.

:Markov – Divine Credit:
:Markov – Jaws Of Life:
:Markov – Warm Arms:

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