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Show Of The Week

November 2, 2016


Let’s be real, if you’re a frequent visitor here at SOTO, then your weekend will surely be filled with Sound on Sound Fest.  Created by the folks who once did Fun Fun Fun, the fest is taking place on the Sherwood Forest Faire grounds and has a lineup that features Explosions In The Sky, Run The Jewels, Purity Ring, White Lung, Beach House, Cursive, Diet Cig and tons of other bands that have been frequently shared on this blog.  Neat.  Eat it up.

If, however, you’re thinking you won’t be diving into the fest, then at least hit up these smaller gigs.

1) Mean Jolene’s Record Release Party on Thursday at Cheer Up Charlie’s with Summer Salt, Haybaby, The Bond Twins and TalkiesGo get yourself a copy of Mean Jolene’s debut album, Salty!  It’s a good one.

2) Jess Williams’ Record Release Show on Friday at Cheer Up Charlie’s with Cross Record and Julian Neel.  Go pickup a copy of Jess’ new album, Heart Song.  I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but I bet it’s good.

3) Birthday Club’s Album Release Party on Saturday Friday at Swan Dive with Lowin, Good Talk and Big Coat.  Go snatch up a copy of Birthday Club’s new EP, Lighten Up!  It’s good.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

*Listings in italics are Sound on Sound Fest “Late Knight” shows.  Those are FREE with a festival wristband!

- Audacity, Pleasers, Nike, Cheap Fur, Secret Bad Boys at Hotel Vegas
- Jacuzzi Boys at The Sidewinder
- Star Parks, Hospital Ships, Wildfires, Emily Beanblossom at Cheer Up Charlies
- Death From Above 1979, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Deap Valley at Stubb’s

- Guided By Voices, Diet Cig at the Mohawk
- Residual Kid, Slow at the Mohawk
- Shannon and the Clams, Que Pasa? at Barracuda
- White Fang, No Parents, Birth Defects at Barracuda
- American Sharks, War on Women, Body Pressure, Los Viejos at Beerland
- Cursive, Creepoid, Jess Williamson, Chippr Jones, Pop Unknown at The Sidewinder
- Empress Of, Hunny, Black Books at Empire Control Room
- Otis The Destroyer, Sounds Del Mar, The Head at Hotel Vegas

- Special guest, LVL Up, Brandon Can’t Dance at the Mohawk
- Purling Hiss, Dan Doyle, Beth Israel, Jared Leibowich at Hotel Vegas
- Peelander-Z, Woozyhelmet, Sho H at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
- Birthday Club, Lowin, Big Coat, Good Talk at The Swan Dive
- Jamestown Revival, Jonny Fritz at Emo’s
- Adele at the Erwin Center

- Special guest, Special guest, The Gotobeds at the Mohawk
- The Rotten Mangos, The Stacks, Roar Shack, Picnic Lightning at The Swan Dive
- Garret Klahn (of Texas Is The Reason), Mountain Time (Chris Simpson of Mineral) at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
- Adele at the Erwin Center

- Special guest, Lochness Mobsters at the Mohawk
- Gossamer Frontier, Ruby Fray at Hotel Vegas
- Sia, AlunaGeorge at the Erwin Center

Show Of The Week Media:

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Show Of The Week

November 18, 2015


My BFF’s birthday is this Saturday, so I won’t be doing anything but drinking and yelling with her and others, but if I were able to go somewhere, I’d head to the Mohawk for an all local, all lady-fronted night of music.  Heartless Bastards, a longtime favorite of mine who earlier this year put out a solid album by the name of Restless Ones, are set to headline the show.  On the opener side of things, it’s Emily Wolfe, who is responsible for one of my favorite songs out of Austin this year – Cigarette Burns – and the lovely Jess Williamson, who is one of the best folk artists in town.  As I like to say, it’s a can’t-miss kind of gig.  Go in my place!

Get tix here.  Doors at 8pm.

More shows for you to possibly indulge in …

Growl, Winter, Que Pasa?, Lolita Lynn at Hotel Vegas

Flesh Lights, Sweet Talk, Slow at The Sidewinder
Lomelda, Cowboy Crisis, Pageantry, Battle Bend at Cheer Up Charlies

Stiletto Feels, Slomo Drags, Otis The Destroyer, Gossamer Frontier, Borrisokane, Good Field, Young Mammals, Major Major Major at Cheer Up Charlies

Wand, Hidden Ritual, Borzoi at The Sidewinder
Beat Happening Tribute Show with Deep Time, Big Bill, Xetas, Black Gum, Shana Falana at Cheer Up Charlies
Amplified Heat, Rare Birds, Kay Odyssey at Hotel Vegas

Family of the Year, Kaleo at the Parish

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2014 Austin Essentials: Volume 2

November 25, 2014

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Hey!  Here we are with the second volume of my 2014 Austin Essentials.  Dive in.  But don’t tire yourself out, as there’s still a third volume coming your way tomorrow.  Enjoy.

:Alex Napping – Weak Knees:  Alex Napping popped out of nowhere this year and instantly impressed.  Their debut, This Is Not A Bedroom, is the kind of introspective indie pop that college me listened to too much of.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Hundred Visions – You’re Gonna Cut Me Loose:  The fuzzy garage rock ways of Hundred Visions have been on point in 2014.  You’d be crazy not to check out their sophomore album, Spite.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Flesh Lights – Just About Due:  My passive appreciation of the punk trio Flesh Lights ended with Free Yourself.  The album features some great songwriting.  And it rocks.  If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Sweet Spirit – Let Me Be On Top:  It was a bummer when Bobby Jealousy called it quits, but at least Sabrina Ellis, who is one of Austin’s most dynamic performers, quickly landed on her feet in Sweet Spirit.  Eventually the band will officially release an album and make the world a better place.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Shivery Shakes – Hold On:  Shivery Shakes put out their debut full length, Three Waves & A Shake, this year.  You pretty much have to listen to it if you consider yourself a fan of indie pop.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Gentlemen Rogues – Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All:  Jennifer, SOTO’s purveyor of local music, was adamant that this slice of power pop from Gentleman Rogues make the cut.  Look out for a new album from the band soon.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Grape St. – Wallpaper:  Last year Grape St. released the excellent A Date With You, and just recently they followed it up with the equally fantastic Free Stuff EP.  The band just can’t miss!  They’re a must-listen for fans of jangly garage rock.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Sour Notes – Cutthroat:  Earlier this year The Sour Notes put out a really solid album (their fifth overall) by the name of Do What May.  It’s worth your time if you dig hooky indie rock.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Ramesh – The King:  For those of you that don’t know, Ramesh was once a part of Voxtrot.  His debut solo album, The King, is a well crafted alt pop effort that features a lot of great vocal work.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Coeds – Sensitive Boys:  I haven’t seen Coeds play and this is the only song of theirs I’ve heard, but that’s not stopping me from being into the duo.  Make a note to keep an eye on them and their synthy ways once 2015 rolls around.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Young Tongue – Heavy Metal Thunder:  Once known as The Baker Family, Young Tongue have a sound that’s a pleasant mixture of indie rock and pop.  Recently they released an album titled Death Rattle.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Jess Williamson – Snake Song:  Jess Williamson spent 2014 fully establishing herself as one of the best singer/songwriters in Austin.  If you haven’t already checked out her album, Native State, then you should do yourself a favor and seek it out ASAP.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:A. Sinclair – Shiny Things:  Indie rockers A. Sinclair (formerly known as Frank Smith) had a nice year.  They signed with Dangerbird Records and churned out a good album, Pretty Girls, for all to indulge in.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Boyfrndz – Design:  When it comes to experimental rock in Austin, not many can compete with Boyfrndz.  Their sophomore LP, Breeder, is a daunting, but rad listen.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:OBN IIIs – No Time For The Blues:  OBN IIIs are a loud, good ole fashioned rock n’ roll band, and their latest release, Third Time To Harm, is further proof that you should be giving them all of your attention. Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Spray Paint – Rest Versus Rust:  Many would argue that Spray Paint are Austin’s premiere punk act, and I think I’d have to agree.  Their album, Clean Blood, Regular Acid, is one you need to hear.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Polio Club – Poison The Well (Demo):  I just recently came across Polio Club, and I’ve already pretty much worn out the demos on their Bandcamp page.  I’m looking forward to whatever is the post-punk act decides to do in 2015.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Wolf – In Waves:  SOTO’s own Dan said that I should include psych-rockers The Wolf.  He’s apparently a big fan of the noisy, distortion-filled sound that’s all over their latest release, Ride.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Christian Bland And The Revelators – Brian Wilson:  Back in September Christian Bland (of The Black Angels) released his third album, The Unseen Green Obscene.  Naturally, it’s a gloriously hazy psych rock experience.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Scuare – Mind States:  SOTO’s own hip hop expert Leah recently recommended Scuare to me, and he’s been firmly on my radar ever since.  This song in particular is pretty fantastic.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

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Quickdraw: Polica, Braid, White Lung, Parquet Courts, Jess Williamson

May 19, 2014


Music!  Enjoy.

:Polica – Raw Exit:  Polica would rather not just shelve Shulamith and move on, so they’ve rallied up a deluxe edition that contains a four-song EP called Raw Exit.  If you ask me, that’s a fairly clever way to remind people one last time that the album is out there.  The band will put out the expanded version of Shulamith on June 10 via Mom+Pop.

:Braid – Bang:  It’s been 16 years since Braid last put out a full length effort, but they seem to still have it.  Granted, that’s my impression after only hearing this emo gem.  I suppose there’s still a fairly good chance the album won’t be worth the wait.  Look for No Coast on July 8 via Topshelf.

:White Lung – Face Down:  For those of you that don’t like it when White Lung appear to be trying to melt your soul, I think you’ll dig this song.  It’s a rather catchy number that isn’t just an all-out assault on your ears.  Deep Fantasy is due out June 17 via Domino.

:Parquet Courts – Instant Disassembly:  There’s a part of me that wanted to cut the other songs in today’s post and only go with this impossibly honest seven-minuter.  I’m just about 100% convinced that it’s the best thing that Parquet Courts have ever churned out.  You can expect to get Sunbathing Animal on June 3 via What’s Your Rupture?/Mom + Pop.

:Jess Williamson – Snake Song:  When it comes to singer/songwriters in Austin, Jess Williamson is one of my favorites.  As you’ll see once you hit play on this song, her voice just has a way of sticking with you.  Jess’ split 7″ with RF Shannon will be released on June 17 via Punctum.

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Stream This

March 7, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.



Kimono Kult – Hiding In The Light EP
Bradford Cox – Teenage (Soundtrack)
Le1f – Hey EP
Black Lips – Underneath The Rainbow
Max Cooper – Human
Battleme – Future Runs Magnetic
Plateau – Still Paradise


The Men

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Stream This

January 24, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Jess Williamson – Native State
Hospitality – Trouble
Supreme Cuts – Divine Ecstasy
Snowbird – Moon
Cities Aviv – Come To Life
Johann Johannsson – McCanick
Peggy Sue – Choir Of Echoes
Quilt – Held In Splendor
Doug Tuttle – Self Titled
Morgan Delt – Self Titled



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