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French Cassettes (Noah)

November 6, 2013


It feels funny for me as a the music writer that I’ve become to endorse French Cassettes. Not because they aren’t good, they’re downright great, but because after a few too many years of doing this, it’s come to this terrible point where good-natured, sunny, sweet music isn’t “cool” enough to be part of my listening schedule. For some, and I will admit, stupid reason, I’ve just sort of cocooned myself in this world where if it’s not fuzzy, a bit on the dark side, and treading heavily on the cool, wet soil of angst, I just put it out to pasture. It’s been, quite honestly, a burden on my listening experience. As modern music has grown more towards the chipper synth of the early 90s, I’ve discounted it across the board, and I’ll admit, I’ve been too harsh.

Which brings me to French Cassettes a band so genuine in their sound, so undeniably catchy in such an enjoyable way, it’d be a travesty not to say something about them. Us Kids sounds like the very best parts of 90s pop-rock taken to a new level, trimmed of the obnoxious bits and refined down to a pretty fantastic piece of music. It’s catchy, but not annoying, in the way only very best of the more positive strains of rock and roll. I don’t know if I can call it a new day yet in terms of my listening behavior, but it’s at least a ray of light.

:French Cassettes – Us Kids:

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