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Quickdraw: Titus Andronicus, Dirty Ghosts, La Luz, Air Waves, Beach House

July 2, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Titus Andronicus – Fired Up:  Yesterday Titus Andronicus dropped a short film and this anthemic track.  At this point I don’t see how anyone could be anything less than absolutely pumped for their new album.  The Most Lamentable Tragedy is due out July 28 via Merge.

:Dirty Ghosts – Cataract:  It’s been a while since Dirty Ghosts have put out anything.  Good to see that the band is still kicking.  This new track sounds in line with the catchy, driving dance punk tunes that filled 2012′s Metal Moon.  I approve.  The Cataract EP is due out July 24 via Burger.

:La Luz – Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere:  This is the latest single from La Luz’s sophomore LP, and I think it’s a delightful listen.  I fully expect Weirdo Shrine to be fantastic.  It’s due out August 7 via Hardly Art.  See them at the Mohawk on August 15.

:Air Waves – Milky Way:  For the last couple of days I’ve been all about this pleasant tune from Air Waves.  Nicole Schneit has a very inviting voice that plays well with the song’s endearing hook – “hold me, don’t let me go”  Parting Glances is due out September 18 via Western Vinyl.

:Beach House – Sparks:  Beach House are back and sounding particularly bummed out.  Hooray!  By the way, you should most definitely slap on a good pair of headphones for this.  Depression Cherry is due out August 28 via Sub Pop.

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Top 50 Songs Of 2012: Part 1

November 26, 2012


The end of 2012 is drawing close, and that means it’s time to start making “best of” lists.  Below you’ll find the first part of my Top 50 Songs Of 2012.  In case you’re curious, I chose the songs from the 400+ tracks that I shared around here throughout the last 11 months.  Enjoy.

50)  :White Wires – All Night Long:  Every time I hear this pop punk gem I have to listen to the rest of their album, which is full of songs that are just as catchy.  From WWIII.

49)  :The Corin Tucker Band – Groundhog Day:  You could try to find a better voice than Corin’s, but you’d just fail miserably.  The girl can wail like no other, and I’m happy she’s been staying busy post-Sleater Kinney.  From Kill My Blues.

48)  :Bryan Scary – Ziegfield Station:  This band has long been a wonder when it comes to one-off singles that I can’t get out my head, and they kept that streak rolling in 2012 with this retro-rock track.  From Daffy’s Elixir.

47)  :Dirty Ghosts – Ropes That Way:  There was a span of about two months where I couldn’t escape this song from Dirty Ghosts.  It has such a high level of energy that it just sucks up all your attention.  From Metal Moon.

46)  :Desaparecidos – MariKKKopa:  I love that this band was able to come roaring back.  Who would have thought that Conor Oberst still had some ferocity in him?  From the MariKKKopa/Backsell 7″.

45)  :Yuck – Chew:  I may not have gotten a new album from the awesome Yuck in 2012, but I did get this fantastic one-off single.  Toss on headphones to catch all of the rather nice guitar work.

44)  :Deep Time – Clouds:  This Austin-based act (formerly known as Yellow Fever) really caught my attention with this quirky pop tune.  Not sure they’ve ever done anything catchier.  From Deep Time.

43)  :Black Bananas – Rad Times:  There’s far too much going on in this track, but I dig it anyway since it’s one of those efforts that’s just endlessly entertaining.  From Rad Times Express IV.

42)  :Maps And Atlases – Fever:  This song always manages to slap a smile on my face.  I love how upbeat and fresh it sounds.  From Beware And Be Grateful.

41)  :Miike Snow – Paddling Out:  I’ve never been much of a Miike Snow fan, but I’ve been overly attached to this track since sharing it back in January.  Watch out, as it’ll instantly make you want to dance.  From Happy To You.

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