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Dim Peaks (Noah)

September 11, 2013


Dim Peaks, the new incarnation of somber-troubador Niilo Smeds music, is deceptively, almost gleefully simple. Built almost entirely on the simple strum of the guitar and the resonating timbre of Smeds voice, the songs, initially, don’t seem to take up a huge amount of space in your sonic memory. Instead the songs wile themselves in to the dusty corners, the dust-moted streaks of sunshine, the tiny room at the top of the stairs you might find yourself lingering about one musty summer afternoon. This is the dark side of your friend at a campfire, guitar in hand, a few drinks looser than they might need to be. Dim Peaks is exactly what I want hear from a guy, a guitar, and some gorgeous lyrics – soulful, attractive music, unfettered by pretentious noodling. With the backing of former The Mallard member Dylan Tidyman-Jones (who recently released his own solo album as FRONDS), there’s a thick, palpable feeling to this music, but it never feels false or put-upon. Simply stated, Niilo Smeds and Dim Peaks are something to keep an eye on.

:Dim Peaks – Slumberland:

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