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Golden Void (Noah)

February 20, 2013


There are two things San Francisco’s psych-rock super band Golden Void (featuring members of Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Roots of Orchis, and Earthless) make me feel:

1. Pot is fun! Oh sure, sure Golden Void has a bit more jazzy, metal-y, drone-psych than the long-haired, tie-died, Lennon-shade sporting psych-rock we usually associate with the sticky-icky, but still, I listen to the first bottom-scraping bit of guitar crunch on The Curve and I think, “Man, taking bong rips and making music must be a fucking blast.” Cut to minute one and it’s all back-room bar rock laced with screeching guitar solos and this big booming engine of riff in the back followed by a deep drop down in to a slinky bit of blues-laced, jam-sesh and then boom, right back in to the delightful churn that kicked the whole damn thing off. Roll me another Bob Hope, Golden Void – I’m all ears.

2. Psych-rock isn’t getting the love that it should these days. Garage rock, with it’s leather jacket and propensity to spit in your face after having one too many Jamesons on the rocks, just swaggered on in acting like it had the biggest cajones in the room, and old good-natured psych rock, eyes glazed and a little drunk off cheap beer, just raised a hand in acknowledgement and sidled on over to the back of the room. When does psych-rock get it’s glowing moment in the sun where Pitchfork writes an entire article about the rise of this awesome music and then a local blog names itself after that article and then it gets too big and too bloated and everyone starts sounding a little bit too much like Nirvana? When does that happen, music listeners? I don’t know, maybe psych-rock is just the sub-culture, the scaly little men who live beneath the Earth that are content to play their sweet jams until one day, in the distant future, the earth cracks open and they spill topside to exact their super-stoned revenge.

Anyway, Golden Void = awesome.

:Golden Void – The Curve:

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