Raised Eyebrows: Overlooked 00′s (Randy)

February 16, 2018


With the rush of February comes a personally curious + overwhelming nostalgia for the 00’s. Within the decade that saw Y2K, September 11th, Napster, and the death of the CD, there’s a small but considerable wealth to revisit and enjoy. Here are 10 underrated releases from the 00’s that deserve to be (re)heard.

Broadcast – Tender Buttons

Trish Keenan’s finest work.

Boards of Canada – Geogaddi

Continual mind melter from this genius duo.

Sonic Youth – Murray St.

SY had a renaissance in the early 00’s when Jim O’Rourke joined the band. Murray St. and Sonic Nurse are high marks in an incredible discography.

Lambchop – Damaged

The outsider Nashville band’s greatest release.

Neil Halstead – Sleeping on Roads

Slowdive/Mojave 3 frontman made a timeless record here.

Deerhoof – The Runners Four

I’ve never gotten past this record. It contains some of their best songs. Some jam, some chill, some weird.

Aphex Twin – Drukqs

Underrated in the AT catalog.

Windy & Carl – Consciousness

Breathtaking record that was not meant for the time it was released. This statement only gets better with time. Brilliant.

Fennesz – Venice

One of the finest works of the decade.

Califone – Quicksand/Cradlesnakes

This is what the band had been working toward for so many years. They went on to perfect it on Heron King Blues.


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  1. Brett C Says:

    Broadcast is my absolute favorite band of all time. Their few records are perfect, and I’m still sad Trish Keenan is no longer among us. And Geogaddi…..I can’t say enough great things about that one. Good on ya, mate!


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