Raised Eyebrows: Greatest Ladies II (Randy)

October 19, 2017


Last month I talked about some legendary female artists, and it was so much fun that I’d like to continue on with the theme. So for October, I’ll be focusing on some important contemporary female artists. Each one of them represent uniqueness and impending importance.

Courtney Barnett

Barnett’s perspective is singular. Rock is safe in her hands.

Julia Holter

Holter is a visionary. There is a willingness for exploration within her songs.


Trish Kennan created music that had unbelievable depth and range. She is missed.

Kara-Lis Coverdale

I am of the belief that Kara-Lis Coverdale should be as revered as some of the top shelf/legendary male ambient artists in the game. Go ahead and make a space between Basinski and Eno for KLC in the ambient legend category.

Georgia Hubley

Yes, Yo La Tengo have been around awhile. It doesn’t change the fact that Georgia is as important to music as Moe Tucker. Her voice and tenderness are beyond measure.

The Weather Station

Tamara Hope has a way. Her delivery is unlike anyone else. Her lyrics and voice are a perfect union of rough and smooth.

Pauline Oliveros

Oliveros passed away last November at the age of 84. She was a pioneer in the realms of electronic and 20th century classical musics. Her work will continue to stand the test of time. An incredible artist.

Matana Roberts

Roberts is a poet, a musician, an improviser, and a storyteller. Her music is beyond whatever genre you can throw at it. She’s creating a sonic quilt where each new record is connected to the last.

Mary Lattimore

A harpist from Philly that creates openings to other worlds with arcane compositions.


Sarah Lipstate makes lands of clear colors with offset guitars and endless imagination.


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  1. Jay Says:

    Another purposefully obscure list – I have not heard of the last four artists. There is absolutely no way that a dead 80 year old’s music “will continue to stand the test of time” when most people never heard of her when she was alive.


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