Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

August 11, 2017


I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite artists recently, Chelsea Wolfe, and the other night watched as Mlny Parsonz of Royal Thunder destroyed the stage at Come and Take It Live, and then saw another favorite Myrkur getting ripped on social media for not being trve metal, and I thought to myself about all of these great female artists playing metal right now. There are so many singular women or female fronted bands making great music right now, more so than ever in metal, many of whom don’t get a fair shake simply because of their lack of a penis. Objectified by many, featured in ‘Hottest Chick’ lists and such, but not enough people seeing past the boobs and hearing what beautiful music they are releasing. So in an effort to at least inform some, but at the same time single out their gender (I know, just another Y Chromosome trying to be PC) , I created a list of the artists I am jamming with spectacular women in them right now and some classics that have closed the gap over the years.

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