Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

July 7, 2017


I still have all my fingers and toes, which is more than I can say for some people after celebrating the 4th of July. It marks our independence as a nation, coming together in one voice and deciding our fate as a nation, not just a bunch of hicks who needed to get away from Europe. It also means that the year is flying by with impressive speed, and we need to take stock of where we stand after six months of music has been laid out before us.

So far I would say 2017 has been an average year for heavy metal, I know there will be those who think otherwise, but even the underground has produced some lackluster gems, and the mainstream majors have supplied some of the same tripe over and over again. I put together a list of my favorite songs of the year so far for you to peruse, I had a tough time narrowing it down to about ten bands, but after about 15ish, the quality went down dramatically. Maybe I’m getting old and tired of the same story, but honestly this is about all that really caught my ear (so far).

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