Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

March 4, 2016


I missed last month’s HMFT since I was sailing the seas of sleaze on the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise during my usual week, but that just gives me more bottled up aggression to release upon you this month. Many call March “Metal Month,” but for those of us in Austin, we all know it is time for South By Southwest. Every year we get thousands of bands through town, of which like four are metal bands. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but in reality, the distinct lack of metal is always a little depressing.

All things considered, the metal showcases are decent this year, offerings from Roadrunner, eOne, Metalsucks and Metal Injection all have a lot of good music, so I will point you to my blog for more info on which ones to look out for, and give you a nibble in my March playlist of jams … enjoy!

:Author And Punisher – CAUTERIZE:
:Weedeater – Hot Doughnuts Now:
:Black Cobra – The Messenger:
:Toothgrinder – Blue:
:Black Crown Initiate – Great Mistake:
:Today is the Day – Sick Of Your Mouth:
:Crowbar – All I Had (I Gave):
:The Contortionist – Language I – Intuition:
:Deftones – Root:
:Monuments – Origin of Escape:
:Exmortus -  Foe Hammer:
:Killswitch Engage – Hate By Design:

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