Laird’s Library: One Blog Wonders

July 31, 2015


For my latest Laird’s Library mix I decided to go with bands that only have one song in their folder on my hard drive.  So, in essence, I liked a track, wrote about it, and then either never looked into the band again or they just went about releasing stuff I didn’t like.  They’re all One Blog Wonders!  Get it?  You get it.  Enjoy.

:Explorers Club – Last Kiss:
:Dark Side Of The Cop – Shaky Little Rules:
:Eugene Francis Jr – Poor Me:
:The Oohlas – Small Parts:
:Chairs In The Arno – Winter Song:
:Etta Place – In Reverie:
:Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s A Zombie For You:
:ultCult – Five Bedrooms And Two Lounges:
:Happy Birthday – Girls FM:
:Gentleman Auction House – The Book Of Matches:
:The North Atlantic – Scientist Girl:
:Electric Black – Our Love Is Smoking:

One Response to “Laird’s Library: One Blog Wonders”

  1. Jay Says:

    There is a definite 80s vibe to most of those tracks. The only truly awful one is the Electric Black while the ultCult song is not something one would want to listen to more than once. Interesting how tastes evolve.

    The Oohlahs song made my ’06 Year End Best of list.


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