Rain Collectors (Jennifer)

May 27, 2015


Waxing and Roaring by singer/songwriter (and Growl frontman) Santiago Dietche was one of my favorite local releases from 2013. In regards to that album, I wrote that “he displays a more contemplative, melancholic side to his songwriting while still allowing the catchy, pop hooks to shine through.” Well, now his solo project has evolved into Rain Collectors, where he’s joined by fellow singer/songwriter and collaborator Blair Robbins (who also sings and plays guitar and keys in Milezo). The band describes their sound as “cloudy folk” and have released a single from their upcoming EP (due later this year). It’s gentle, lilting, and sad tones and textures feel like a fitting soundtrack with the recent overcast days and rainy weather. Keep your eyes open for upcoming shows!

:Rain Collectors – Unless:

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