Laird’s Library: Tim Fite

May 22, 2015


My plan for this mix was to always make it an assortment of artists, but then while crawling around my hard drive last night I got eternally hung up on the brilliant Tim Fite.  So, here I am, abandoning my guidelines and instead presenting to you my top 10 favorite songs (plus two skits) by Mr. Fite.  I do what I want!  Or whatever.  Enjoy.

PS – Tim has a ton of music on his site, if you’re feeling browsy and generous.  Support him!

:Tim Fite – It’s All Right Here:
:Tim Fite – No Good Here:
:Tim Fite – More Clothes:
:Tim Fite – I’ve Been Shot:
:Tim Fite – Bully:
:Tim Fite – Pizza Shop 1:
:Tim Fite – Pizza Shop 2:
:Tim Fite – Forty-Five Remedies:
:Tim Fite – Joyriding:
:Tim Fite – We Didn’t Warn You:
:Tim Fite – I Hope You’re There:
:Tim Fite – Big Mistake:


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