Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

October 3, 2014


Last year the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival – curated by Phil Anselmo – cast its darkness on Austin for the first time, and it successfully bridged a film fest and music fest into one very exclusive party for metal and horror fans. As an attendee and host of the awards show, I had a great damn time at an event that elevated the culture of a scene that gets overlooked in our community all too often. It was imitated on the west coast, but honestly there is nothing like a good ole dirty southern party and this year will be even better!

Featuring so many cool things, the 40th anniversary of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, massive amount of exclusive docs and horror flicks, and special guests like Randy Blythe and Brian Posehn, but I focus on the metal music of course. Performances from reunited bands like Superjoint Ritual, classic acts like Napalm Death, Voivod, Danzig, Samhain, and Gwar, and cutting edge metal with KEN Mode, Origin, Unearth and Decapitated will all serve to deafen us for three days coming up October 23-26 at Emo’s and Midways. If you know nothing about it check HHFF out whilst you jam this month’s playlist!

:Acid Witch – October 31st:
:Voivod – Voivod:
:Danzig – Twist Of Cain:
:Unearth – The Swarm:
:Decapitated – Instinct:
:Superjoint Ritual – Haunted Hated:
:Gwar – Womb With a View:
:Portal – Awryeon:
:KEN Mode – Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick:
:Origin – Unattainable Zero:
:Napalm Death – Silence Is Deafening:
:Neurosis – Through Silver in Blood:

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