Boy + Kite (Jennifer)

October 22, 2014


Austin-based indie pop/rock quartet Boy + Kite just released their latest EP, Blueprint. I became a fan of the band through 2011′s Go Fly, and 2013′s We Can Go Anywhere We Want EP and the way those efforts featured catchy indie pop hooks intertwined with sharp, dynamic guitars and the dueling yet complementary vocals from Beth Puorro and Darvin Jones.

In December of 2013, Darvin Jones suffered a traumatic head injury and spent a considerable amount of time hospitalized in critical condition. Jones wasn’t sure he would ever play music again, and the adversity only made his desire to play music stronger. As he put it – “I would not accept that I could no longer play music and so slowly we revitalized the band, changing the way we recorded, slowing down to relax and let things evolve instead of my typical dominant, neurotic mode of micro-managing.”

The new EP title and its songs are a fitting description for the band – they took the musical elements that you recognize as a frame of reference in order to build upon and grow their sound. It’s comforting and heartening to hear new tunes from them. Welcome back, Boy + Kite!

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