Titus Andronicus

July 8, 2014


As I was in the midst of getting ready to celebrate America it would appear as though the great Titus Andronicus announced and promptly sold out of a limited subscription-based series that will see them put out seven seven-inch records in seven weeks.  I don’t know who decided to post up such a rad thing so close to a holiday, but one day I will shove them in the mud.  What a bummer that I missed out on it.  On the bright side, the band has announced a mini-subscription plan that will still net you five of the seven releases.  Not bad, right?  You can further gauge your interest by jumping HERE – it’ll explain the series and you’ll get to see all that’s included (hint: it’s old material, new stuff, and tunes from the TA spin-off Wicked Kind).

Below is the first new track to come out of the series.  It’s that special blend of raucous that only Titus Andronicus know how to do, so I expect that you’ll like it.  Enjoy.

:Titus Andronicus – Stranded (On My Own):

Bonus Video:

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