Veronica Falls

October 31, 2013


I’m not exactly sure where Veronica Falls’ Waiting For Something To Happen will end up on my year-end album list, but I know it’s going to be somewhere near the top.  I greatly adore it.  Today, however, is not about what VF have done, it’s about what they have coming up.  The band has readied a double a-side 7″ single, Nobody There/Need You Around, that will ship on December 9, and they’re about to head out on a short tour through lands that are far away from Austin (unfortunately).  Enjoy.

:Veronica Falls – Nobody There:  “There’s no use shouting, there’s nobody there.”  I’d like to say I planned to post such a scary line on Halloween, but I didn’t.  Sorry.  On another note, this is one fine pop song.

Bonus Video:

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