Screaming Females

October 15, 2013


The best thing about Screaming Females is that no matter what you write, it’s hilarious and true.  “The world needs more Screaming Females.”  “If I could have anything, it would be more Screaming Females in my life.”  “Nothing is better for your ears than Screaming Females.”  See what I mean?  It’s just awesome no matter how you scribble it out.  In any case, the band just released a split 7″ (with Tenement) via Recess Records.  They play Red 7 on November 29.  Enjoy.

:Screaming Females – Ancient Civilization:  I’m not sure I can say I ever figured that Screaming Females had this much snarl in them. This track is thunderous and easily the most attention commanding thing they’ve ever put out.  Consider me highly impressed.

Bonus Video:

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