The Tontons

September 26, 2013


If I could steal one thing away from Houston, it would definitely be the Tontons.  Fronted by the ever endearing Asli Omar, they’re currently one of my favorite pop rock acts.  Below you’ll find their latest single (a full length is expected next year).  Be sure to catch the band at Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.  Enjoy.

:The Tontons – Veida:  You have to appreciate the way this quartet layers their sound here.  Every time you think the song is about to do nothing but follow Asli’s soaring vocals, the shimmering arrangement drops out and you’re left with something a bit more guitar heavy.  More please.

Bonus Video:

4 Responses to “The Tontons”

  1. Bobby E. Says:

    Great cover and tune! Way to go.


  2. APN Says:

    Such a stellar song from one of my favorite bands in Houston. I’m so happy to see that the rest of the world is learning to love them, and it doesn’t hurt that “Veida” is a stellar track.


  3. Aaron Eaves Says:

    Love this tune, and Asli’s sultry vocals….well done!


  4. James M. Says:

    I dig it. I get what you mean about the guitar against the vocals. Nice!


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