Happy Metal Fun Time – SXSW Edition (Chuck)

March 1, 2013


Springtime officially begins this month and we celebrate so many things, Spring Break, March Madness and for many SXSW blocks off a major portion of the calendar. In years past metal has taken a prominent role as one of the major genres at play, and this year is no exception. Though the official showcases may be a little light in the metal field, there is no shortage of the extreme to be found during the music portion of the conference.

March has also been declared Metal Month by some blogger, or website or label or something, so since my proclivity to the metal art leads me to hail to our month of metal by drinking a lot of bourbon and jager, while at the same time giving you a nice list of SXSW metal to peruse at your leisure. If you are in Austin for the conference and you want to join in the metal mayhem, be sure to see my Big List O’ Metal for the latest updates too, and maybe I’ll buy you a shot as we jam to Clutch.

:A Life Once Lost – Vulture:
:The Beards – You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man:
:Chelsea Grin – Lilith:
:Skeletonwitch – The Infernal Resurrection:
:Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild:
:Pallbearer – Devoid Of Redemption:
:Exhumed – The Matter Of Splatter:
:Orange Goblin – Red Tide Rising:
:Howl – Heavenless:
:Norma Jean – Bayonetwork:
:KEN Mode – Obeying The Iron Will:
:Mutilation Rites – Realms Of Dementia:
:Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s A Lie:

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