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Show Of The Week

March 8, 2017


SXSW is here!  I don’t usually do any sort of party talk here at SOTO, but I have a bash this Sunday and I want you to be there!  Once again it’s Austin Town Hall vs Side One Track One, and it’s happening at Hotel Vegas and Volstead.  Last year we had a pretty healthy lineup, but for 2017 we wrangled in a whopping 30 bands (29 from Austin, 1 from France).  It’s FREE and there’s no RSVP required.  Come at 2pm, stay to 2am.  Down below you’ll find the lineup and music for each band!  Enjoy.

PS – No bonus recommendations today.  Also, just so you know, the site will largely be in hibernation mode all next week. Film reviews will still be a go, but don’t expect much else otherwise until the festival is a wrap.

The Midnight Stroll

Weird Omen

The Digital Wild

Black Books

Hard Proof

John Wesley Coleman III

The Dizzease

Basketball Shorts

Upper Deck Pets



The Halfways


A. Sinclair

Roaring Sun

The Lovely Sparrows

Pollen Rx

Mean Jolene



Wild Bill and The Lost Knobs

Lola Tried

She Sir

Skin Drips

Jana Horn

Caroline Says

Julia Lucille



Quin and Annecy – These two don’t have any music online yet, but you can check out some of Quin’s solo work here.

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Show Of The Week

February 1, 2017


There are quite a few big shows (Lizzo, D.R.A.M., Austra, Angel Olsen, etc.) happening over the next five or six days, so I’m sliding you a smaller one.  Tres Oui, who have quickly become favorites of mine, will be celebrating the release of their new EP, Singles Going Nowhere, at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Saturday.  Go indulge in their fancy pop ways.

This one is FREE!  MCG, Poly Action, Roses and Golden Graves are set to open.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- The Midnight Stroll, Corduroi, Night Glitter at the Mohawk
- Surfer Blood, Lomelda at the Parish
- Lizzo at Antone’s

- Fever Bones, Chakra Khan, Wildfires at Barracuda
- Planet Manhood, Upper Deck Pets, Rose Selavy at Hotel Vegas
- D.R.A.M. at Grizzly Hall
- Rick Astley at Emo’s

- A Giant Dog, Cherry Death, Payton Andrew Green, Missing Pages at Beerland
- Cold Cave, Drab Majesty at Barracuda
- The Cuckoos, Ty Richards, Whit at The Swan Dive

- NOTS, US Weekly, Muther, Wes Coleman at Hotel Vegas
- Austra, The Range, Night Drive at the Mohawk
- Borzoi, Daniel Francis Doyle, Thin Skin, Pollen Rx at Beerland
- Moving Panoramas, Good Field at Radio Coffee & Beer
- You Blew It!, All Get Out, Free Throw at The Sidewinder
- Joan of Arc, Magas at Barracuda
- Basecamp, Shallou at Stubb’s
- Robert Ellis, Jenny O. at Stateside at the Paramount
- Young Texans Against Cancer Chili Cook-Off with Max Frost, Sweet Spirit at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

- Skyline, Fire Women, The Jibs at the Mohawk

- The Sour Notes, The Dizzease, AMA, Brother Sports at Hotel Vegas
- Angel Olsen, Chris Cohen at the Mohawk

- Loteria, Nick Allison, Crocodile Tears at Hotel Vegas
- Angel Olsen, Chris Cohen at the Mohawk
- Benefit for Planned Parenthood with Japandroids at the Mohawk

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