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Movie Breakdown: The Overnight

June 24, 2015


The Impression:

Adam Scott and Piper (from Orange Is The New Black) have what appears to be a rather interesting night with friends Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godreche (Stoker).

The Reality:

The Overnight is quite an awkward time.  I’m not much of a squirmer when it comes to movies, but for the majority of The Overnight I wiggled around in my seat and generally felt uncomfortable.  Then came a moment where the awkwardness subsided and I could suddenly see the glorious payoff that had been lined up.  Or so I thought.  Writer/director Patrick Brice puts a lot of effort into setting up a variety of weird and hilarious circumstances for the film’s group of ridiculous yet well-intentioned adults to be enlightened by, but just as it’s all about to really add up to something interesting, he swiftly brings the film to a close.  I found this somewhat disappointing.  After spending such a bizarre stretch with the film’s damaged bunch, I expected a big climax from their “overnight” experience. Instead, Brice provides more of a teaser look at what each of characters got out of the situation.  Come on, man!

You wouldn’t be making a mistake if you were to see The Overnight, as it’s a funny, strange flick that’s ultimately worth your time.  Just be aware that it just doesn’t quite deliver the punch it needs to in the closing moments.

The Lesson:

Hey Patrick, never skimp on the payoff.

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