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Throwback Thursday: Team Sleep

September 25, 2014


Team Sleep, which is made up of Chino Moreno (Deftones), Todd Wilkinson, DJ Crook. Rick Verret (Tinfed) and Zach Hill (Hella), have decided to reunite for a new album, and that means it’s time to take a look back at their only other release – 2005′s self titled effort.

I absolutely loved their debut.  At the time I was all about anything I could consider to be progressive, and hearing the oft-screamy Chino (along with some others) soften things up over a variety of headphone-worthy arrangements hit me in all of the right spots.  Also, just getting to listen to the album was a cool experience.  Not only did it feature of lots of talented folks, but as the band’s Wikipedia page details, leaked tracks and delays hampered the project for quite a while, and there were times where it seemed liked it wouldn’t even get released.  So, I essentially felt as though I was fortunate to have it.  On another note, college-me may have been too nerdy.

Anyhow, have fun revisiting Team Sleep’s self titled album.

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