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We Jam By Condos (Dan)

May 13, 2015


Monofonus Press has put together a comp of Austin bands called We Jam By Condos and it has just been made available for sale. The title is a play on We Jam Econo, the documentary about the Minutemen. I suspect it’s also a not-too-subtle statement about the condos springing up everywhere in downtown Austin, pricing out the creative class that made the area so appealing in the first place.

Monofonus is not the only local label to release an Austin compilation. I loved the Casual Victim Pile records released by Matador Records and 12XU. However, this project takes a different angle than those albums. The Casual Victim Pile records focus primarily on Austin punk and garage bands, whereas We Jam By Condos goes for a broader range of music. It contains excellent arty punk (Spray Paint) and brilliantly sloppy garage rock (Ghetto Ghouls). Then it mixes in some pretty amazing synth and electronica tracks (SURVIVE, Bike Lane, Troller). To be honest, I hadn’t previously heard of any of the electronic bands and now I’m wondering how I slept on them for so long. It’s a fascinating collection and it’s yet another example of the embarrassment of riches that is our Austin local music scene.

:Ghetto Ghouls – Plants:
:Troller – Destruccion:
:Hidden Ritual – Judy:

To celebrate the album release, most of the bands on We Jam By Condos will be at a pair of shows this weekend:

Friday, May 15
Spray Paint
Ghetto Ghouls

Empty Markets


Saturday, May 16
Cheer Up Charlies
Hidden Ritual


Aunt’s Analog

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