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The ABGB (Dan)

March 4, 2015

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I love the Austin Beer Garden Brewery Co. It’s my happy place. Their motto is “Beer Makes It Better” and, of course, I agree. Not only do they have an amazing beer selection but also the people are nice and the food is delish. The converted warehouse next to the train tracks is a perfect spot for a brewery (mostly because it’s somewhat close to my house). Inside there is a beer hall vibe with long communal tables and a big stage for bands. But unlike German beer hall, there are no polka acts playing (thank god).

The ABGB has done a stellar job of booking an eclectic mix of country, rock, garage, and bluegrass bands. This Saturday is no different. Fun Button, a Denton based four piece, kicks off the night with their mix of blues, rock, and post-punk.

:Fun Button – Two Roads:

Next up is the ferocious power duo The Ghost Wolves. I can’t get enough of their noisy garage rock meets American roots sound. Their stomp and roll style with a punk rock attitude make for one hell of a show. They do more with electric guitar and a four-piece drum set than almost any band this side of The White Stripes.

:The Ghost Wolves – White Lily:

Closing out the night is The Harms. These ladies also have a garage-y sound but with a psychedelic and surf rock twist to it. They layer harmonies on top of their power riffs and thunderous drums, which is the perfect music to dance to after drinking all night in a brewery. See you on Saturday!

:The Harms – House The Sun:

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