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Esme Patterson, Rogue Wave (Dan)

July 8, 2016

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Buckle up because I’ve got a lot to share this week! At this time of year I typically list of my favorite albums of the year … thus far. However, due to the abundance of incredible records released, I decided to just highlight a couple. My musical preferences lean heavily towards, garage rock, punk, and indie pop/rock, and these two bands fall into the last genre. I’ll save all my punk and garage favs for the year end list.

My first selection is We Were Wild by Esmé Patterson. I learned of Esmé last year after she paired with Shakey Graves on Dearly Departed, a breakout hit that you’ve no doubt heard on the radio. A few months ago, I heard NPR preview Feel Right, the first single from Esmé’s new album. I was blown away. It was a fast, furious, and undeniably catchy tune – the kind you put on repeat and listen to incessantly. When her album was properly released last month I discovered it to be mesmerizing from start to finish with tracks that are a superb mix of Americana, pop, folk, and pure rock. There’s something for everyone to love, which is why I’ve recommend We Were Wild to so many of my friends, regardless of their favorite musical genres.

Esmé is currently on tour and will be playing The Sidewinder on Thursday, July 14. She’ll be joined by Winstons, the garage-soul duo out of Brooklyn. Tickets for the show are still available so grab them while you can!

The other album recommendation is Delusions of Grand Fur by Rogue Wave. The band has released a slew of intelligent and thoughtful indie rock over the past decade, and their new album is no exception. It has all the hooks and melodies that I love about Rogue Wave, as well as some new twists. Give it a try.

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