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Movie Breakdown: Concussion

December 24, 2015


The Impression:

Will Smith stars in Concussion, the movie that the NFL doesn’t want you to see!  Well, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but the trailers have looked fairly Oscar-baity, and I’ll be surprised if the film doesn’t steadily try to come off as more important than it really is.

The Reality:

Concussion is one of those films that you’ll forget by the time you walk from the theater to your car.  That’s not to say you’ll be upset that you saw it.  Overall, it’s a well made, fairly compelling drama, and Will Smith turns in quality work as Dr. Bennet Omalu (he’s the guy who scientifically proved that repeatedly taking shots to the head is not good for you), but director/writer Peter Landesman doesn’t provide much of anything else to hold onto.  You merely get a glimpse at Omalu’s research and the way that the NFL chose to deal with it, and otherwise it’s just scene after scene with a serious-looking Mr. Smith earnestly shooting for an Oscar nod.  If that sounds like a solid time to you, then go for it.  Like I said, Concussion isn’t bad, it just doesn’t have as much to offer as it should.

The Lesson:

Don’t hit your head on stuff.

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