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Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

September 7, 2017


I love all kinds of metal. I could list the 50+ genres that we metal folk have come up with over the last three decades, but it would be wasted on the passive music consumer, simply because they don’t totally describe the nuances of any particular soundscape that a band creates (other than Djent, because it is an onomatopoeia).  Unfortunately as we divided up our all-encompassing Metal titular reference, we parsed the audience into groups and many for the sake of an internet argument won’t admit that they cross out of their small chalk pentagram to enjoy something that isn’t cool enough for elites.

I take a different approach, if it is heavy, if I can jam to it, I will listen and enjoy it. The fundamentals! What I’m getting to is that clean vocals have become a non-starter for many metalheads, and there is even a website designating the negative connotation of clean singing. If a vocalist actually sings and doesn’t growl, bark, squeal or provide a guttural attack, then there is no way it could be metal. That simple approach is altogether juvenile and completely wrong. This month is just music from 2017 that prominently features clean vocals, yet is some of the best metal out there right now.  Naysayers can suck it up and deal.

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