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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Today's Quick Mention:  Trying to put "creativity back into schools" is a rather worthwhile cause, so be sure to stop by the Mohawk tonight for the Attendance Records benefit.  The show starts at 7:15pm, and for just $5 you can see the Sour Notes, Matt Hines, Mother Falcon, Guns Of Navarone, and more.

It's pretty rare that I genuinely get excited about the impending release of a new album from a folk artist, so you know it actually means something when I say I'm pumped for the new Tallest Man On Earth effort.  The sure to be great full length is titled There's No Leaving Now, and it's expected out on June 12 via Secretly Canadian.  Enjoy.

:The Tallest Man On Earth - 1904:  Kristian Matsson is such a talented bastard.  This is a warm, well crafted, nicely written song, and while you could just sit around with headphones on as you stare out of a window, it's more than accessible enough for everyone.  So, crank it up and let the neighbors check it out.  My guess is that they'll probably come over and thank you for it.

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